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Roof Repair in Penetanguishene

Your family has been living in Penetanguishene for many years, generations in fact, and you can trace your lineage back to the Founding Fathers of the community and it is a source of pride that you have such a rich family history. Over the course of time, your family has been responsible for burying the dead and you have a number of former relatives resting peacefully in the local cemetery, but there a couple of issues to address. Before headstones were made of marble, they were made of granite, and over a 100 or so years of wear the granite on a couple of the family’s headstones is starting to chip and the condition of the headstone is less than ideal. The family convened a meeting and decision was taken that the family would repair the headstones that have fallen into disrepair and you have been appointed to hire a contractor for the repairs. Locally, the headstone supply store doesn’t do repairs of that nature you need so you have to bring in someone from out of town to get the work done. After much consternation and vacillating – you have found a contractor for the work to restore the headstones that need work to their original condition – more or less – and it wasn’t half as expensive as you thought it would. A happy ending all around – and it was achieved because you listened to your head instead of your heart and hired a professional rather than trying to repair the headstones yourself. Better an expert for a repair that you need rather than flailing away at work you don’t know, it sets a precedent that should be followed all the time.

When a roof repair in Penetanguishene is required, you aren’t going to get on the roof and administer the roof repair in Penetanguishene your self, you are going to call a contractor. A cursory glance at the Internet and the phone book reveal there are many companies who say they can provide a roof repair in Penetanguishene, but you aren’t familiar with any of them. A chance meeting with another local resident solves the problem for you. Your friend had a roof repair in Penetanguishene provided by our company AM Roofing Solutions, and he told how impressed he was with the service. He told you that AM Roofing Solutions had over 60-years in the roofing business and that alone made the company imminently qualified to provide his roof repair in Penetanguishene. Another virtue he extolled about AM Roofing Solutions was the quality-workmanship they provided for a roof repair in Penetanguishene – he told you all the technicians had journeymen papers for their trade and it was the highest they could rise in their field. Your friend also mentioned that he was a little surprised to see family members from AM Roofing Solutions out on the job – he was told that the family had been working with the family business for three generations and he was impressed with their focus and drive to provide his roof repair in Penetanguishene. When his roof repair in Penetanguishene was finished, he was surprised by the duration of the workmanship warranty he received – it was for 10-years – and he was aware it could be for that length.

Roof repair in Penetanguishene, get on top of the problem

  • As you noticed with Grandpa’s headstone, things wear out over time and a roofing system is no exception. Shingles are made to last for a specific period – some 10-years, others 20-years – and you know when the time is running out for the shingles because you can see the problems developing. Shingles can come loose or split, crack or curl when they reach the end of the life and that is when you need a roof repair in Penetanguishene. If the opening in the roofing system isn't treated quickly, water will find a place to call home and it will cause damage that will require a great deal of money to clean up after – for a few dollars now and a small roof repair, you can protect your home and your budget too.
  • When we think of water on the roof, naturally we think about the drainage system to get the water off the roof – or in some cases not. Most people don’t know how a roofing system works, but you will know when it doesn’t. Valleys are a key contributor to the drainage system because they move water from the top of the roof to the rain gutters. This process is accomplished through an angled roof – gravity is the assistant of the valleys – and the valley will channel the water to the rain gutters. It is tough to know if the valleys are working because we don’t watch the rain hit the roof during a rain shower or a storm. If we did, we might see water pooling on the roof if the valleys are failing. The way the valley fails is when the roof develops flats spots or bows due to previous water damage. You can get an inkling of the damage to the rafters and trusses by touch on an attic inspection. If they are soft or warped they have been compromised and then it is too late to save them and they need to be replaced to enhance the effectiveness of the valleys.
  • The rain gutters have the ability to move large amounts of water during rainstorms – providing, of course, they have nothing in the channels stopping water from moving to the downspouts. Rain gutters can collect debris from the surrounding trees and when leaves or pinecones become ledged in the channels drainage will suffer. If the drainage system is strangled due to buildup, water will fall over the sides like a waterfall and then problems on the ground and the side of the house will need to be dealt with due to invasive water.  
  • Another place you would never think of water leaking in is the attachments you have on your roof. Skylights and chimneys are vulnerable to water leaks – they are inserted into the roof and a watertight seal of caulking is the bond that will keep water out of those areas. While caulking is an excellent material to use as a waterproofing sealant it does come with a downside. Caulking has been prone to fail under the constant assault of the weather and when it has taken too much abuse, it will start of shrink, crack or split. Once the degradation starts there is no turning back and water will be in your house in the blink of an eye. With the skylight, you get a heads-up instantaneously because see the drips on the floor, but a chimney can hide the damage water is doing until something big goes wrong and runs back to water leaking in the chimney.

Penetang, as the locals know the town, sits at the end of Georgian Bay and the name is said to be a derivative of a Native term that means the ‘land of the white rolling sands.’

In the land of the white sand, residents can count on us at AM Roofing Solutions to provide any roof repair they need when they need it. For a no-obligation consultation, free estimate and free roof inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.   

Roof Repair in Penetanguishene

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