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Roof Repair in Parry Sound

As you sit on the beach in a tropical locale, you are ruminating in the memories of your good fortune and strong judgment. The waves crash on the beach, the sun is shining, a cool breeze is blowing off the ocean and you think this is how the other half lives. Your kids are playing in the white sand, making sand castles and digging holes, as kids are wont to do at the beach. The wife has gone to the confection stand to get some cold drinks for the family and you sit with a smile on your face reveling in the glory of earned success. The family vacation to the far-flung location wouldn’t have been a reality if it weren’t for prudent financial planning and bit knowledge and sweat equity. You bought a house some years ago after you and your wife first tied the knot with an eye on starting a family and you thought it would be better to get the big things out of the way and work to sustain the lifestyle you were developing. You and your wife knew going in that there would be some big and small expenses for your house and you planned for them accordingly, building a bank of repair money for your house, lest you be caught out of pocket for repairs.

Your dad told you to put some money away for a new roof because they are big expense and problems could come in any direction so better to be prepared than scramble at the last minute. You built a significant war chest for the eventual roof replacement you expected to make, but you dodged a bullet. With a little investigation, you realized when you need a roof repair in Parry Sound because you know the signs. At work, you have used consultants and outside vendors to help solve problems that the organization didn’t have the expertise for, so applied the same knowledge to your roof repair in Parry Sound and knew that you need a professional for the roof repair in Parry Sound. Looking for a contractor for your roof repair in Parry Sound turned out to be a little more work than you thought it would be before you found us at AM Roofing Solutions. A chance meeting with a friend led you to AM Roofing Solutions for you roof repair in Parry Sound because your friend had a roof repair in Parry Sound and he said he couldn’t be happier with the work. What impressed your friend and you after the fact was the level of skill and professional expertise the contractor’s crew brought with them. Many of our customers get that impression because we have been in business for over 60-years and we have learned that a great roof repair in Parry Sound needs a great crew to initiate it and that is one of our trademarks. Using our family for the work certainly has been a boon for the company – for three generations our family has taken up the work in our filed and they have a great reputation for conscientiousness. Once we finished the work your home need to extend the life of your roof, we supplied a warranty for a 10-year period to cover any problems that might crop up.

Roof repair in Parry Sound; check the roof for information

  • You don’t magically wake one day and realize that you need a roof repair in Parry Sound, no a roof repair in Parry Sound is s slow boil before the water washes over the sides of the pot. Sure, things happen that make a roof repair in Parry Sound an immediate need, but it isn’t always like that. Shingles have been known to wear out over the course of time and the signs shingles are fading are pretty well self-evident. If you see the shingles have become dislodged or have cracks, curls or missing corners, the time has come to consult a professional for help. If you don’t cover the gaps in the shingles water will make its’ way into your home and damage could be irreversible without a major repair.
  • Valleys play a critical role in the roofing system, they are the first movers of water on the roofing system and they need to work well to make everything else work. Valleys catch and distribute water to the rain gutters, they need to be slightly at an angle to help move water, if they aren’t angled for some reason; two things come into play. First water is stranded in flat spots in the valleys; second, if you have stranded water you have interior roofing problems that run back to the trusses and rafters. Rafters and trusses are made of wood and wood will absorb water and become rotten, of bow or warp – that is what causes the flats spots and potential leaks on the roof
  • When valleys move water efficiently, it will hit the rain gutters and move equally quickly through the drainage system known as the downspouts and off to the ground. If the gutters are clear, the process comes off without a hitch, but if you have leaves or other junk in your gutters they won’t move water. When that happens, water is going over the sides of the channels of the gutters as it has nowhere else to go and that means water down the side of your house.
  • We like to add design upgrades to our houses and a skylight is a very popular addition to any home. Letting in lots of natural light will improve the overall mood of a room, but that skylight is a risk for water entry. The skylight has to have to be inserted into the roof – meaning a hole will need to be cut in and then the skylight is inserted. It will be sealed to the roof with caulking to prevent water leaks – but the caulking doesn’t last forever, it needs to be re-lined from time to time as caulking shrinks or cracks due to age. Water can leak in along the seams of the caulking and it is a small repair but necessary. If you have a chimney, you need to be extra vigilant because leaks in the caulking or brickwork could take years before they are found and it means a bigger repair when you do find the problem.

Parry Sound is home to one the National Hockey League’s premier defenseman, Bobby Orr. Donning the black and gold of the Boston Bruins, Orr starred in the NHL in the 1970’s and was transcendent talent in the league and still revered for the way he changed how defense was played in the NHL. When residents need a roof repair, they don’t have to flood the rink to have us at AM Roofing Solutions come skating to get control of the situation. All they have to do is call us today for a free estimate, roof inspection, and no-obligation consultation at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Parry Sound

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