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Roof Repair in Muskoka

An old oak door is what sealed the deal when you looked at the house of your dreams, it had everything you could have ever wanted and the price was a steal – or at least that is what you told yourself when you were getting up the nerve to make an offer.

Well, it has been the better of part of five years since you purchased the house and you are starting to notice that the lock in that old oak door is becoming troublesome. You can insert your key and turn the mechanism to release the deadbolt that holds the door in a locked position, but the inside seems to be slightly stripped. The lock will only turn so far and for the moment you can still get in the house but you realize that a locksmith will need to be called to provide some expertise to see if he can repair the lock that has seen better days. The locksmith comes and deduces the problem, old age has allowed wear and tear on the interior mechanism and it has worn down just enough that the key won’t engage the mechanism and open the lock to the fullest extent it is allowed to. You are offered two choices, one is to replace the door lock and all, or have the locksmith install a new lock for the existing door and your troubles will be solved. In the blink of an eye, you tell the locksmith that a replacement lock is what you want because you can’t bear to see the old door go. A new lock, a new set of keys and the door is back in working condition and you can come and go to your heart’s content. It took an expert and some institutional knowledge to rehab your lock situation and you are glad you were able to keep the door. Any home repair needs an expert and when a roof repair in Muskoka comes a calling, you need the services of a full-fledged contractor to provide the roof repair in Muskoka. Finding a locksmith is one thing, trusting your roof repair in Muskoka to a complete stranger is quite another.

A roof repair in Muskoka can cost thousands of dollars and you don’t want to try out just anybody when you are making that kind of an investment for a roof repair in Muskoka. No, you need the services of a trusted company that has a great of deal experience when it comes to administering a roof repair in Muskoka and that is our company, AM Roofing Solutions. Our company has been around since the 1950’s – over 60-years in business – and we have the expertise and ability to make your roof repair in Muskoka a simple and easy repair. Our team of tradesmen is a seasoned group with a great deal of experience and their services are always in demand. Working with this group of top-notch service technicians is our family – they have accepted the challenge of the roofing trade for the past three generations and the work is always on time and on budget. Once the roof repair in Muskoka has been signed, sealed, and delivered our company has a 10-year workmanship warranty ready when we depart as a promise of quality workmanship and great products to sustain your home’s roofing system.

Roof repair in Muskoka; don’t get caught flat-footed

  • A roof repair in Muskoka can take many forms, as there are a few different things that go on on the roof that most people aren’t aware of. First, off the role that the shingles play in your roofing system, they help move water and keep the entire house protected from the elements. There are many shingles on your roof and when one goes it will lead to a domino effect of failure for the roofing system, prompting a roof repair. Some things to be on the lookout for with shingles are the condition – if they have cracks, are curled at the edges or corners or are missing altogether, you should seek the good counsel of a contractor to get the problem under control. If there any gaps or opening in the shingle system, it is an entry point for water and then the problems begin.
  • Working with the shingles to help provide drainage support are the valleys that placed in specific areas on your rooftop. The valleys take rainfall and stream it down across the shingles and to the rain gutters for release at ground level. To be effective, the valleys need to have a slight angle to help the water move – if the valleys are flat they will hold water in a spot and it will pool and grow. Once the pool has grown sufficiently, the water will look for a place to go and generally it is in the roofing system. The valley problems are a tough thing to identify unless you are observing your roofing system during a rainstorm, but you can get an idea that there are problems by conducting an investigation in your attic. The insulation, trusses, and rafters will tell you all you need to know about the valleys when you look at the rafters and trusses they should be straight and uniform. If they are bowed or warped they have experienced water damage and that small roof repair just grew in size to accommodate the rafters and trusses.
  • Another area of concern that can be easily detected is the way the rain gutters move water and whether or not water is spilling over the sides. If water is spilling over the channels, you should know that you have clogs somewhere in the channels – if the buildup weighs too much it will pull the gutters away from the fascia. What this means for a homeowner is unintended consequences, water will disperse to the path of least resistance and stream down the side of your house if the gutters aren’t firmly attached or moving water in clear channels.
  • The last place a layman can look for roofing problems is an examination of the skylight and chimney that sit atop your roof. Both are cut into the decking and sealed to the roof with caulking to provide a watertight seal. Caulking is great substance for waterproofing but over time it can lose it resiliency and start to shrink or crack. When either situation transpires on the roof it means that leaks are inevitable – you will see underneath the skylight, but the chimney is another story. It could months or years before any problems are discovered and that means a larger repair bill for negligence. If you have your gutters cleared out periodically, take a closer look at the skylight and chimney also.

Muskoka is lake country with many activities for the summer and winter outdoors person and the local economy is the beneficiary from commercial activity. When roofing work is required in Muskoka the residents will contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to solve any problems they have on their plate.

For a free roof inspection, a no-cost meeting and free estimate, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Muskoka

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