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Roof Repair in Minett

We treat our problems at the root, not the symptom, but there are times when we don’t know what the cause of a problem is until we investigate. If we have a headache is because our teenage son has the music on full blast in the basement or it is because we have low blood sugar and we are hungry. Our car is making a funny noise under the hood, but we don’t how it started, but we remember running over a piece of crap on the road the other day and then came the noise. Is the problem a mechanical failure or one of our inabilities to avoid stuff on the road. Many things can work this way, problems have caused and not always do we find the right causes and we have recurring problems because we whiffed on the initial diagnosis. But that can happen more often than not because we lack the knowledge, experience or expertise to determine a problem outside our sphere of expertise.

Take, for instance, a roof repair in Minett, when you bought the house, you had certain expectations that you may have to put money in the house – so a roof repair in Minett didn’t seem like it was out of the question. But, you wondered why you would need a roof repair in Minett, and what was causing the problems that created the need for a roof repair in Minett. So off you go, in search of a qualified roofing company to investigate the situation and determine the hows and whys of your roof repair in Minett and what strategy might be developed to prevent the problem from recurring. Looking for the contractor turned out to be the easy part of the equation, you found us at AM Roofing Solutions and had one of our staff come out to assess your situation for a roof repair in Minett and the level of expertise that was demonstrated set your mind at ease. Once you had booked the roof repair in Minett with AM, they sent out journeymen roofing tradespeople who have credentials and a lot of experience and your confidence in our company grew. After 60-or-so-years in our business, we exude an air of confidence based on the experience we have developed as a first-rate roofing company. Our family has made a lasting impact on family business – for three generations they have asserted themselves prosecuting roofing problems and their attention to quality workmanship and detail isn’t lost on any of our customers. Getting quality workmanship from a company that has reputation for conscientiousness is one thing when they back it with up with a 10-year warranty for workmanship, they say it is AM Roofing Solutions setting the pace.

Roof repair in Minett, where the facts dictate the solutions

  • A roof repair in Minett can be many things, a full-scale replacement or just a few shingles to replace since they may come loose during a windstorm. But, you should know the signs that will indicate a roof repair in Minett and it starts at the shingles on the roof. They have two responsibilities, one is to keep a watertight cover on the top of the house and the other is to move water across the roof to the rain gutters with the help of the valleys. If the shingles are chafing, losing granules, cracking or curling, get a contractor over to discuss your options and potential repairs to get the shingles replaced. If you leave the problem too long it could be a water infiltration problem before you know it and that means more work and money devoted to the roof repair that you could have had without too much trouble had you engaged a contractor sooner.
  • The valleys get water that falls from the sky and shoots it across the shingles for disposal on the ground through the downspouts. As the first stage of water movement, the valley system on the roof needs to be able to get the water to the rain gutters, there are instances when they don’t and that is the cause of a major repair. What it will tell a homeowner when he sees stranded water on the roof is that the valleys are flat and aren’t moving water. Valleys can become flat because water has wrecked the supports because it has entered the roof. Wet joists or rafters can warp or twist if they have water damage affecting the roof’s ability to move water.
  • At the rain gutters, water is sent into the channels from the valleys and then on to the ground with an assist from the downspouts. The most important aspect of a good working rain gutter system is keeping them free of garbage that can build up if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Two problems can arise relatively quickly is the gutter isn't free of junk, one is water runs over the side of the channels depositing water to who knows where and the other problem is the gutters losing contact with the fascia leaving a gap for water to escape to who knows where. Water, in case you haven’t noticed, is a mortal enemy of a roofing system and too many things depend on a dry roofing system, so it is important to blunt the effect of water when you discover a problem.
  • The last place where you think water might get is in is the first place you should look for problems and that is at the skylights and the chimney. Both inserts are sealed with a small bead of caulking and that small bead is all that stands between a flood of water cascading into your roofing system and not. If you have the gutters cleaned, get the contractor to look at the skylight and chimney for problems – it takes a second or two and if a re-line of caulking is necessary it is a small price to pay for a watertight seal on the roof.

Minett is one of a handful of villages in the Muskoka Lakes district of northern Ontario and has lots of outdoor activities to keep visitors and locals busy. When it is time to get the roof looked, the locals contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for our expertise. For a no-obligation information session, a free estimate and roofing system examination, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Minett

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