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Roof Repair in Midland

In the near north, Midland sits as an intersection point in the Muskokas and is a short distance from many small lakes and inlets that were created by the last Ice Age, and those bays and inlets are a lot of fun for weekend warriors come summer. That is part of the reason you moved the family from the city, to begin with, you wanted your kids to enjoy the outdoors and not worry about getting run over crossing the street. Too, the pace of life was something else that attracted you to the region, and lets not forget the price of real estate in the city – you could afford to buy, but you would have been cash poor and you thought there had to be a better way to go and that led you to Midland. After a couple of years establishing roots in the community, the time has come to put some money into the house and one of the major projects you thought you had on the agenda was a roof repair in Midland.

You had noticed that the shingles were looking like they had seen better days so you wanted to get out front of the problem and get a roof repair in Midland right away before it became worse before it got better. When you were lining up the facts in the case of the roof repair in Midland, one thing you knew was you had no expertise in roofing and you need a professional company for your roof repair in Midland. You made contact with our company, AM Roofing Solutions, and all your problems were solved. You wanted a company that had years of experience to provide your roof repair in Midland and you came to find out we had over six decades of service in our trade. Another point that caught your attention was the staff we provided for your roof repair in Midland, all certified tradesmen and as a family business, we had family members working on your roof repair in Midland. When our company was founded, the family was the primary source of labour as we grew and prospered and their efforts – for the past three generations – are part of our Canadian small business success story.

Roof repair in Midland is protection for your home

  • We like to think that we are masters of our own domain, and we have a handle on everything that comes into our sphere of influence. When a roof repair in Midland is the thing, you need to know when and why you need a roof repair in Midland. It starts with the shingles that cover the roof – they're central to everything the roofing system does for water drainage – so no better place to start than there. Shingles are made up of many substances, but whatever type of shingles you have on the roof; you should know that they wouldn’t live on in perpetuity. They will need to be replaced when show signs of age, wear or come loose from the anchors that hold them down to the decking. If we haven’t mentioned it yet, we will now, water is the worst thing for a roofing system that is need of a repair. It will leak through the damaged areas and into the decking and if left too long into the attic. This creates compound problems that will be cured by a proactive repair before things get too far along.
  • Next thing to look for is problems with the valleys that get water to the rain gutters and through to the downspouts for eviction from the roofing system. If the valleys are malfunctioning, they allow water to pool in areas and that is the kiss of death for a roofing system because water will indiscriminately drain anywhere and that could be into the roof to the attic is steps are taken to correct the problem. One thing you should know about valley problems, it is a second stage problem – water has infiltrated the roof and caused the rafters and joists to be impacted and they have flattened out due to the exposure of water invading the roofing. This can be a full-scale teardown of the infected parts of the roofing system and will need a good deal of money and work to fix when it happens.
  • When the shingles and valleys are moving water as they are supposed it ends at the rain gutters and on to the downspouts. Gutters have to be clean, no ifs, ands, or buts, the rain gutters can only move water effectively if they don't have debris or buildup in them. Once the buildup hits a certain level it will stop water from moving along the channels and the water will be forced over the side by the dam of debris blocking the pathway for drainage. If the materials are too heavy or the water back up causes the weight to increase beyond the fascia’s ability to support the gutters they pull away from the house. If you have had your gutters separate from the fascia, water will stream through the gap and over time, water will find places to go that you really don’t need it going.
  • One thing you should know if you have a skylight or a chimney is that the caulking seal that is waterproofing both items needs to be checked and changed regularly to prevent invasive water from finding an entry point. Caulking won’t last forever and for the price of a service call for gutter cleaning, you can have the chimney and skylight re-sealed. When water enters through the skylight, you can get on top of the problem right away. If water is entering through the chimney it might not be recognized for the problem it is before it is too late.

Midland has a great deal of history attached to it. It was a site that had missionaries who helped build the village and establish a society in the wilds of the near north. It was probably one of the first integrated communities in Ontario, with Natives living alongside the white settlers who called Midland home. A roof repair is never something you want to contemplate, but a necessary evil when you are protecting your home. For a no-cost consultation, free estimate and roofing inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Midland

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