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Roof Repair in Midhurst

You want to give your kids a good as you got or better and the only way to climb the ladder of life is to provide a hand up to the first rung. That means making sacrifices and saving money for your kid’s college fund – not that you mind – your university degree has provided a good life for your family and you want the same for your kid’s family. You contact your financial planner and advise him of the need for an RESP to get the project off the ground and for a small monthly payment, you can assure your child’s college education. Periodically, you check your nest egg and it is growing as your financial planner said it would, but as you check prices for schools you discover that the savings are being outpaced by the costs of higher education. You don’t mention this to your family, as you don’t want your kid to feel any extra pressure apart from striving for good grades to get them into a good school.

Over time, you have been lucky to dodge many bullets on the home repair front – you kept up with the small stuff to keep it from becoming big stuff and you rested easier knowing you are on the ball. The money you had set aside for a major roof restoration became inconsequential because you have been monitoring your roofing system and when needed a roof repair in Midhurst, you got out to the gate early and took care of it. The small roof repair in Midhurst that you had done has prolonged the life of your roofing system and the costly replacement roof became a thing of the past. When you saw the problems on the roof, you hired a contractor for a roof repair in Midhurst because you wanted the roof repair in Midhurst done right the first time. The company you hired didn’t come to you by accident; you did your homework and found that our company, AM Roofing Solutions was best suited to provide your roof repair in Midhurst. Doing the research, you found out that our company is longest serving roofing companies in southwestern Ontario, with over 60-years experience on the roofs of residents across the province. The tradesmen we use for a roof repair in Midhurst have brought our dedication to quality workmanship to life and their credentials are flawless. It wouldn’t be a successful roof repair in Midhurst without the participation of our family – for three generations they have contributed the sweat equity necessary to provide a roof repair in Midhurst and other places that have established our business reputation. Something else that has set us apart from other roofing companies is the length of our warranty in comparison to theirs. We issue a warranty for 10-years for workmanship when we finish your roof repair in Midhurst and it can’t be beaten.

Roof repair in Midhurst, when time comes make the right decision

  • You can choose to replace a few shingles for a roof repair in Midhurst, or you can wait – and then it will be too late. For every damaged shingle on your roof, it is a door opened for water to enter the roofing system. Think of it this way, every opening can allow a gallon of water to make its way into your home, so an early roof repair in Midhurst will prevent a great deal of water from wreaking havoc internally. Some easy to read symptoms include curled shingles, cracked shingles, or missing shingles, once you have identified these problems get a contractor for help right away and keep you roof high and dry.
  • Many homeowners have no clue just what a pivotal role the valleys play in the roofing system until it is too late. Valleys channel water to the drainage system, namely the rain gutters first then the downspout system for dissemination at the ground. If the valleys aren't doing the job they were intended for, you should know that a large problem will visit your roof and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. When valleys aren’t moving water, the water sits stagnant in flat areas and leak into the house. The flat areas are a creation of water damage to the supports of the roofing system – trusses and rafters – and are this is the case a full-scale peel back of the decking and shingles will be the only thing you can do to get the infected supports replaced. Tell-tale signs will be waiting for you in the attic, water stains on the decking, spongy supports or depressed attic insulation will be crying out as damaged and an engineer will need to be brought in to determine the fitness of the supports.
  • Once the valleys have expelled the water from the roof, it intersects at the rain gutters – the gutters have to be leaf and garbage free to work and when they aren’t, costs rise for a roof repair. The fascia that supports the gutters can only hold so much weight before it will let go from the fasteners that hold the gutters to the sides of the house and water drainage to places other than the gutters and downspouts is what happens. If the channels of the gutters are clogged but not pulling away from the house, water will move over the top of the channels and end up on the ground or worse, in a window well. If you have your gutters cleaned every once and awhile, you can avoid this headache and the cost associated with it.
  • A half-inch seam of caulking is all that stands in the way of a complete roof restoration and completely sealed roofing system. That seam of caulking is placed around the diameter of the skylight and chimney, and it keeps the water from entering your home. If caulking fails around the diameter of either attachment water will find a place to go – it isn’t so bad with a skylight because you can take immediate action – but the chimney, on the other hand, is a ticking time bomb when water penetrates it. Water can make its way across the entire roofing spectrum and like a repair to the rafters and trusses it will require a great of work to fix the problem. If you have your gutters cleaned professionally, have the service technicians to check the chimney and skylights too, it can’t hurt.

Midhurst is a small town in Simcoe County and it is the site for the Barrie Sports Complex that is home to the Barrie Baycats of the Intercounty Baseball League. When town residents need to knock a roof repair out of the park, they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to serve the pitch. For a no-obligation meeting, a free estimate, and free roofing system inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.  

Roof Repair in Midhurst

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