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Roof Repair in Mactier

You have always admired Italian culture; you grew up in an Italian neighbourhood as a kid and learned to love the food and the language and let’s not forget the homemade wine you and your friends stole from their parent’s cantina. Your friend’s families would make the sojourn back to the old country periodically and tell you stories of what life was like in Italy. They told you about the statues and the history that surrounded Rome and they showed you family pictures from St Mark’s Square in Venice. ‘La Piazza,’ as it known to the locals is probably one of the most famous public squares in the world, as a kid you promised yourself a trip to Italy to see the famous square and many other tourist attractions in Italy. Time goes by and you are married with kids, bills deadlines and commitments always seem to get in the way of vacation planning, but you have an ace up your sleeve. As a good saver, you have been putting money for major home repairs and so far you have dodged a couple of big repairs bills because you were, well, paying attention. The attention you paid to roofing system prevented a major roof repair in Mactier because you were able to recognize there was trouble topside. You weren’t so sure what the trouble was that caused the need for a roof repair in Mactier, but something didn’t look right. You knew that you were incapable of providing the roof repair in Mactier you needed so you did the next best thing and went contractor hunting for reliable help for your roof repair in Mactier.

Your quest was a short one when you discovered AM Roofing Solutions for your roof repair in Mactier – a friend advised they had a roof repair in Mactier from our company and it was job he was extremely happy with. The workers were tradesmen that had immense skill for your roof repair in Mactier and they went about their business with the cool hand of a seasoned professional. The tipping point for your choice of our company was when you found out we have been in business for over 60-years. We are proud of the fact we have been in our business for such a long time by roofing company standards, but we couldn’t have survived without our family. For three generations, our family has been a mainstay with all our crews and their approach to a roof repair in Mactier is the example rather than the exception. The best part of a complete roof repair in Mactier is the warranty we provide our customers when we finish. The 10-year workmanship warranty is the longest in our industry and it has been a staple of our work since our inception.  

Roof repair in Mactier, spend a nickel save a dollar

  • Repairs are critical for our possessions, we bought them for a reason and we want to keep them in good condition for when we need them. You want to keep your roofing system in great condition because it adds a great deal of value to your home. Since the roof is such important part of a home, you want to keep an eye on it to prevent little things from becoming big things. A look at the shingles is one way to maintain the condition of your roofing system. If or better yet when you see shingles that have become worn over time – missing granules, cracked or curled shingles – it is time to get some help to stop the rot from infecting the entire set of shingles. If you do get on top of problems early, it will mean less or no water invasion and that will reduce your repair bills drastically.
  • A roofing system isn’t just a cover for your house; it is what gets the water off the house and to the drainage areas at the base of your house. To get water into the drainage tracks on the roof (the rain gutters) you need to have a fully functioning set of valleys to do the job. Valleys will take water from the rain or runoff and move it across the system to the gutters – if water doesn’t move it is because the valleys are flat. Flat spots on the roof are leaks in waiting and also something more insidious. Big time structural problems of the roof’s supports – if water enters the interior of the roofing system, it will jeopardize the rafters’ and trusses’ ability to support the roof because rot and mold will cause them to sag or bow. This is a tough nut to crack when looking for problems in your roofing system, but you can see watermarks on the decking or depressed insulation, you know problems are rife in your roofing system.
  • If rain gutters were people, they would be the life of the party – why, because all the water that falls on the roof ends up in the rain gutters and gets taken for a ride to the ground. Gutters should be cleaned every spring and every fall to prevent buildup from causing damage to the gutters and water to go to places it shouldn’t. If the gutters are clear, water moves to the downspouts and away from the house – if not it is water over the sides and who knows where it will end up. Too, the weight of the debris can pull the gutters away from the fascia leaving a gap for water escape through and to the ground.
  • When you look at your roof, do you see a skylight or a chimney as a potential water hazard for your roofing system? If you don’t you should, they both hold the possibility of failure and leakage because the caulking sealant has deteriorated. Both items will see water in the house if the caulking fails – with the skylight, you know right away, with the chimney it could be a while then it is a big problem. If you have your gutters checked, why not check the skylights and chimney too – it will save you money in the long run.

Mactier is in the Georgian Bay area and Georgian Bay is the launch point for the 30,000 lakes tour. Lots of activities abound on the water or on the many beaches that surround the lakes and it fun in the summer and winter. Roof repairs are required on a periodic basis, and residents don’t wait for the grass to grow, they contact us right away. For a free estimate, no-cost meeting and free roof inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.   

Roof Repair in Mactier  

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