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Roof Repair in Lake Joseph

When you were a kid you had a muscle car, not just any muscle car, but a 1969 Camaro SS convertible, with a 396 under the hood making power like nobody on the street. You worked summers, had a part-time job during the school year, and your dad gave you the difference you needed to purchase the car. After a winter in the garage making performance modifications, your sunburst orange hot rod was ready for a little street cruising. The first thing you learned about the car – other than it was faster than you thought it would be – is that a 396 engine with a four-barrel carburetor burns a lot of gas. But, you didn’t mind as you put your heart and soul into that car and it was your most prized possession, and which 19-year-old on your block had a car of that prestige? Nobody was the correct answer, wasn’t it? The car drew a lot of attention, every time you parked somewhere; a crowd would develop and would be car heads talking cars and arguing the virtues of a Mopar engine versus a Chevy big block. One thing you weren’t prepared for was the attention of a car thief, somebody who had been eyeing your car up for a potential theft. You parked your car one night and went in the house and in the morning you came out and the car of your dreams was gone. Sure, you were insured, and you received a fair price for the replacement of the car, but then college was on your radar and the prudent decision was use the money from the car for college. You never forgot the car and promised yourself, you find a shell of the ’69 Camaro you restored to pristine condition and do it again. Your wife thinks you are nuts and maybe going through a second childhood, but you don’t care because you are focused, hell bent and determined to get your ’69 back. Hot rods are an expensive proposition and you find out that the cost of the car restored will be quite a sum, but you aren’t discouraged – you have a few bucks on stash and the roof repair in Lake Joseph that your home needed to be turned out to be a flesh wound and you saved a huge pile of cash because you saw the problem early.

Like any other homeowner, you knew that needed to budget money for repairs, and based on the cost of a medium-sized roof repair in Lake Joseph you had an idea of how much money you would need to provide it. Too, you saved money hiring a contractor for a roof repair in Lake Joseph, you read all the DIY horror stories of projects gone wrong and you didn’t want your roof repair in Lake Joseph to end up as an Internet story. The company that struck as the best to do the job for your roof repair in Lake Joseph was AM Roofing Solutions. When you built your hot rod, you hired professionals for the work and the shop that provided the work was a speed shop that was around for a long time. With AM Roofing Solutions, you found out that they had a long history in the roofing business – over 60-years service – and that impressed you because you thought they must have been doing something right. The people who came to work for your roof repair in Lake Joseph was highly skilled journeymen roofers’ and the work was do efficiently. Another part of the situation that caught your attention was the role that the family played in the operation of the business; they came out on roof repair in Lake Joseph and complemented the tradesmen well. Once the roof repair in lake Joseph was done and the mess cleaned up, you got a warranty and when looked at it the term was for 10-years, another point of satisfaction with the work and treatment you received from AM Roofing Solutions.

Roof repair in Lake Joseph; now is never the wrong time

  • Looking at your roof the only you can see is shingles, shingles, shingles – when one is damaged it is camouflaged by the shingles that aren’t damaged and that is where part of the problem lies. Shingles wear out, some faster than others based on what they are exposed to and for how long, wind can affect the shingles as can hail. If you see your shingles waving to you – flapping in the breeze – it is time for a roof repair in Lake Joseph. If you notice that one or two of the shingles have rounded edges or have split – that is another cause for concern because water will leak through those areas and into the roofing system.
  • When water travels on the roof it crosses through the valleys, they act as the first stage of the water drainage and distribution network and the work is more important than people think. Water can’t be allowed to sit or pool on the roof because it will find a way into your home – and if it is sitting somewhere it means bigger problems in the end. The valleys rely on the roofing supports to maintain an angle for drainage to the rain gutters – if the supports have been breached by water they can sag or warp – making it impossible for the valleys to do the job. If you see sagging or a twist on the roof, get a contractor right away to see if there is anything that can be salvaged because a big repair just visited your wallet.
  • When you know your valleys are working, as they should, your rain gutters should be busy directing water from the roof to the downspouts for release. If you notice that there are wet spots where were none before, don’t be surprised by clogs in the channels of the rain gutters. The blockage is forcing water over the channel’s sides and to the ground and not the way the water was supposed to be released. If the weight of the clog and the excess water become too much for the gutters supports they be pulled from the fascia and that is a cause for concern because water will be running down the side of your home and make an entry in any gaps it encounters along the way.
  • Your skylights and chimney can be a source of roof repair – while they might not be part of the roof proper, the fact they are inserted in the roof makes they a possible water leak point. The chimney and skylight have caulking as the sealant for waterproofing, and it need to be replaced on a regular basis because it will crack or shrink if left beyond its life’s span.

Lake Joseph is one of the many small lakes located in the Muskokas and it has many cottages that are used during the summer and winter for vacationers. Keeping the cottages in a good condition is paramount for tourist dollars and when a roof repair is needed, AM Roofing Solutions is there. For a free estimate, no-obligation meeting and a free roof inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Lake Joseph

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