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Roof Repair in Honey Harbour

You live in a vacation paradise known as Honey Harbour, just off the shore of Georgian Bay and water sports are all the rage for residents in the community, Fishing, water skiing, a day on the water for a boat cruise are just a few of the activities that take place in the community over the summer months. But, you don’t have a boat for all that cavorting on the water and every time you hear one of your friends talk about what a great time they had on the water on the weekend, it makes you cringe. The family isn’t thrilled they are ‘land lubbers’ and they have been persistent in their request for dad to buy a boat for water fun. The answer to the boat question is no, the finances of the family supersede any luxury items and you are going maintain an even keel on the bills and not reach out for a huge expense that could cripple the family if things go wrong. As a careful financial manager, you know that you need to set money aside for all the things that the family will need, like college educations and weddings, to name a couple of must-have items. Also, you know that your home will require a retrofit or two in the coming years and you don’t want to be caught flat-footed should a household emergency visit your family. Thankfully, your conservative financial nature protected the family when a roof repair in Honey Harbour became a necessity and you were proud of yourself that you able to see what was coming before it got there.

The best thing about the roof repair in Honey Harbour was the cost; it came in very inexpensively because you were on top of the problems outside your house. It seemed the roof repair in Honey Harbour was a few shingles and an adjustment to the downspout and as was well. That left you with you a pile of cash left over after your roof repair in Honey Harbour and now you are looking at boats and the family couldn’t be happier. When you found out you had problems on the roof, you thought a means to an end for your roof repair in Honey Harbour was a DIY solution – but a friend discouraged you – and that was a good thing. You went out and hired a contractor for your roof repair in Honey Harbour and that was the smartest decision you ever made. When you hired our company, AM Roofing Solutions for your roof repair in Honey Harbour, you were hesitant at first, but warmed up to us when you found out some facts about our company. We are an industry leader in roofing – our company has been working on roofing problems for over 60-years – we have excellent tradesmen that are certified in their profession and our family provides the elbow grease to complement our trades team. For three generations they have taken the reins for roofing work and the results are more than good. When the crew is done working at your house, they will clean up and leave you with a 10-year workmanship warranty to cover anything that might happen in the coming years.

Roof repair in Honey Harbour, how sweet it is

  • A roof repair in Honey Harbour can as simple as replacing a few shingles or as complicated as a complete re-line of the entire roofing system. But, if you want to prevent the apocalypse of roofing work, you need to know what is affecting your roof and when to treat it. Roofing system failures start at the shingles and when the shingles start to go, you need a roof repair in Honey Harbour. Signs to be aware of are damaged shingles, missing shingles or shingles that are worn from exposure to old age.
  • When you look at the roofing system, the valleys won't stand out as an important feature of your roofing system, but they are and when they fail a roof repair in Honey Harbour should be done with no delay. The valleys get water moving, and it is dispensed from the valleys to the gutters and off the downspouts for release. This is a coordinated effort, if the valleys have problems with water movement, as a general rule it is because they are flat. Once flattened out the valley will see water sit or pool and drain into the attic if allowed to do so and then the repair bills rise like the morning sun. If should also tell you that the shingle problem you didn’t take care of has become a support issue for the rafters and trusses as they will surely be water damaged. The damaged supports will twist, sag or bow and that is the full re-line of the roofing system as a repair.
  • Rain gutters get water from the valleys and move it through the drainage system t the ground. The faster water moves the less chance it will have to sit and drain to places it isn’t supposed to go – to keep water moving at a good rate of speed the gutters have to be empty of impediments that could impact water flow. Trees and leaves are the greatest threat to the gutters because they can deposit leaves and debris in the channels reducing the water moving capacity of the gutters. Damage to the channels can be the net result, cracks or holes or a gutter forced away from the fascia could be in your future if you leave your gutters without a proper cleaning on a regular basis.
  • Last but not least, the final common problem for a roofing system is the attachments you placed on your roof. Skylights and vents pose problems, as does the chimney because the sealant used to waterproof them doesn’t last forever. Those things are sealed into the roofing with caulking and like your rain gutters, it should be checked regularly to see if it is still doing its job. If not, it is a two-minute job to add caulking or peel out the old stock and replace it. It keeps water out and protects a roofing system from unforeseen repairs in the future.

Fishing, boating, sunshine, and summer is what Honey Harbour is all about. The community is another jewel in the crown that we call the province of Ontario, and they have regional visitors flock to the community for summer fun. A roof repair to a cottage or home in the community is left to us at AM Roofing Solutions because the townsfolk know that the repair will be a lasting one. For a free estimate, no-cost meeting and free roof inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Honey Harbour


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