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Roof Repair in Hanmer

Recently, you have taken a walk down the corridors of your memories and you think back to simpler times when you were kids and all the fun you had. One of the many memories you have been thinking about is the family vacations you used to take. Everybody would get bundled into the car for a trip to God know where, and the adventures you had with your siblings and people you met along the way were stories you told long into your childhood. You want to give your children the same type of life growing up and when you think back, the old house trailer was central to all your happy vacation memories. Dad was a pretty ingenious guy, he had a hobby making rocking horses for sale and over time he amassed enough money from his winter woodworking hobby to buy the old trailer for the family vacations. You, on the other hand, are all thumbs, but one thing you learned from your Dad you put to good use. He was a thrifty sort and saved a nickel when others might spend a dime and you took this to heart and monopolized the theory to your family’s benefit. That is how you bought the trailer to make memories with your family, you saved for eventualities around the house and because you keep a sharp on eye on your home, the repair bill war chest remained intact. You saw problems and you addressed them early on and that made for inexpensive repair bills and most importantly, your roof repair in Hanmer was relatively cheap in comparison to others who let the grass grow for their roof repair in Hanmer.

Something else you didn’t do that your neighbour did was to try a DIY solution for a roof repair in Hanmer and it ended badly for your neighbour. He should have hired a contractor for the roof repair in Hanmer he needed, but you did. The contractor brought qualified help for your roof repair in Hanmer and you were ahead of the game and saved a few buck in the process. It helped that you contracted our company, AM Roofing Solutions for your roof repair in Hanmer because we have high-quality tradesmen who get results on time and on budget. All of our installers hold credentials to provide a roof repair in Hanmer and we wouldn’t put them on your roof otherwise. Working in concert with our highly qualified service techs is our family – they have paved the way for our company to succeed for the past three generations and they have been one of the biggest reasons we have been in business for over 60-years. Our founder created the warranty we supply after a roof repair in Hanmer and it is for 10-years, and it has been that way for 60-years.

Roof repair in Hanmer, don’t get let it get lost in the shuffle

  • When you look at the shingles on your roof, they should be uniform and cover the entire area of the roof. If you see shingles that have sustained damage from weather or are degrading because old age has set in, it is the perfect time for a roof repair in Hanmer. Replacing a few shingles certainly beats an entire rip-off and replacement for shingles, if you see missing shingles or shingles that have curled or cracked, make contact with a contractor to make the repair short work and easy on your pocketbook.
  • One of the worst problems you can have on your roof is trouble with your valleys. You need them to move water from the top of the house to the rain gutters – they should have a slight angle to them to be effective or else they won’t get the water moving. The angle is established by the supports for your roof – the trusses and rafters need to be structurally sound to provide the angle. If they have been infected by the disease we know as water they will experience warping, bowing or sagging and that affects the flow of water because flat spots will surface and water will pool. If you have valley problems, you can count on a major roof repair to fix the drainage problems you have. If you didn’t attend to the shingles when you needed to this could be the end result, because water will show no mercy when invading your roofing system.
  • Once the water hits the edges of the roofing system, it received by the rain gutters and it is moved to the ground for absorption via the downspouts. For this two-stage system to work well, it requires the gutters are free and clear of any debris that could impact the drainage process. Downspouts will always carry water, but if the water can’t get there because of clogs or buildup, the water will drain over the sides of the channels and to the ground. If you have junk in the gutters, the weight of the junk and the weight of the stranded water will force the gutters away from the fascia and you will see water running down the side of your house in sheets. If there is a seam or crack or a pinhole, water will get behind the brickwork or the siding and start to destroy whatever it comes in contact with.
  • You would think that when you install a skylight or a vent or you have a chimney it would be free from the damage that water can do to a roofing system. You would be wrong on that count, because of the nature they are affixed to the roofing system and compound used to water seal them to the roofing system. Once the items are installed, they need to be sealed to the roof, and that happens with caulking, a bead is put around the seam and it should keep water out for a defined amount of time. Leaks in a skylight or vent can be identified quickly when it rains or you have a snowmelt, but your chimney can be more troublesome. Brickwork, or mortar failure, along with caulking failure will let water in the chimney and who knows when you are going to find and what it cost to fix.

Hanmer is part of the Canadian Shield and sits in the Nickel Belt we know as greater Sudbury. The bilingual community has been in existence since the early 1900’s and it is a hunter's and fisherman’s playground. They don’t need to get hit by a moose to understand when the time comes for roofing work and they will contact us for remediation of the problem. For a no-cost advisory conference, a free estimate and roof inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

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