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Roof Repair in Gravenhurst

You got a good education you worked hard, made some sound investments and got promoted a couple of times and life is good in middle age. The house you bought 20-years ago is worth five times what you paid for it and you are stating think that you may just be in a position to retire earlier than you expected. With your 50th birthday coming, you start to do the math in your head and you realize that the goals you set for a financial nest egg have been realized, combined with your investment income you can retire comfortably. You have had your eye on a country house up north, something with a project or two attached to the dwelling because you want something to do while you are busy doing nothing enjoying retirement and working with your hands always held an appeal. A funny thing happened on the way to your retirement dream, your company is downsizing and you have been offered a buyout to ride into the sunset. You were hesitant before when thinking about retiring early, but now you are brimming with confidence and a newfound largesse to finance it. A purchase of home up north and you away to the races, you wave goodbye to the work-a-day world without a second thought and head for the hills.

Upon closer inspection, you have a couple more projects than you thought you would and one of them is a roof repair in Gravenhurst and somehow you just don’t see yourself on the ladder to make the roof repair in Gravenhurst that your palace needs. In the mailbox, you find a flyer for a roofing contractor who can help with the roof repair in Gravenhurst, so you do a little detective work to find out who the company is and if they are reputable. Once the investigation got started, you knew that AM Roofing Solutions was going to provide your roof repair in Gravenhurst because hey had everything you were looking for in a roofing company. They had a long track record in business – 60-plus years in the roofing business – and the concerns you had for your roof repair in Gravenhurst started to evaporate. The workers were all tradesmen and had credentials to prove their abilities and family business you hired was truly a family business. For three generations the family had been going out on roofing work with the tradesmen, and your roof repair in Gravenhurst would be quality workmanship that you just can’t find these days. The best part of the roof repair in Gravenhurst that AM Roofing Solutions supplied was the warranty – they are prepared to stand behind their workmanship for 10-years and they put it in writing.

Roof repair in Gravenhurst; don’t let the water in

  • The biggest thing that roof needs to protect a homeowner from is the threat of water making its way into the nooks and crannies that are on the roof. Shingles are the cover that stops the water from entering but they can be subject to failure when they are damaged or get too old to provide protection. If the shingles on your roof are flapping in the breeze, are scattered on the lawn or have been damaged, they a prime source of water to get in. Once a few shingles become damaged the rest will follow suit, so when you see that the problems are starting call a contractor ASAP and save money on a small repair that will rehab your roofing system and stretch the life of the shingles that are remaining. The small openings that you close up today would have been the places where water would enter and create problems for other components of the roofing system.
  • When you see the layout of the roofing system, one thing that you should notice is the valleys that are placed at strategic points on the roof. What they do is get the water moving. They are the first-stage of directed water drainage – meaning they set the course and send the water in that direction that ends at the rain gutters. For the valleys to work right, they need to be angular that creates a slope for water to fall down to the gutters. If the slope doesn’t have the right degree of pitch, it won’t move water because it will be virtually flat. That means other problems have come to the forefront and it is the supports inside the attic that have been compromised. Water can make rafters and trusses soft and they will sag under the stress of the weigh of the roof and then the flat spots make themselves known because water will sit there and at some point find a way into the attic.
  • If you have no problems with the valleys that is a good thing, but the next stage of drainage is where you need water flowing freely. The gutters should have clean channels if they are to make water disappear to the downspout system – if not leaks and damage to the channels can be the result. The buildup will crack the channels or the weight the buildup – including trapped water can force the gutters away from the fascia. Both situations are a water leak in a place you don’t want and it is an easy problem to identify and fix because water stains will be where the cracks are.
  • While there are many places that are causes for concern in a roofing system, one more common problem will be identified for attention. The skylights and the chimney that are on the top of your house can hurt your investment just by sitting on the roof. Both are attached to the roof with a waterproof sealer known as caulking – and while it is a great compound to help keep water out – it needs to be replaced from time to time. Caulking can shrink or crack, exposing potential areas for water to enter the roofing system and that is a bad thing. Worse yet, if the chimney has an opening in the caulking or brickwork the damage won't be known for some time, and by then the costs will be out of control. If you check your gutters for buildup look at the caulking too – a $10 tube of caulking could save thousands in the long run.

Gravenhurst is in the Muskokas and it is another community that welcomes city residents when they want a little vacation time. Sitting in the middle of many lakes that were formed during the last Ice Age, the community hosts many outdoor activities and festivals to entertain the city visitors for the duration of their stay. A roof repair isn’t something to take lightly, and the locals reach out to AM Roofing Solutions when they need some help. For a free roof inspection, a free estimate and no-cost meeting, call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Gravenhurst

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