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Roof Repair in Elmvale

You and your wife were married young, and the honeymoon you went on consisted of a trip to Niagara Falls for the weekend and then back to work. Because you and your wife got an early start, you had the chance to save for a house and got one relatively early in your union by comparison to your friends. Kids, cars, responsibilities, deadlines, and commitments made for wedded bliss and a happy family life, but your wife always wanted a ‘real’ honeymoon and you promised you would take her wherever she wanted to go when the time was right. You know your 25th anniversary is approaching and what better time to surprise your wife than that day – you conspire with friends and relatives to make the process happen and after what seemed like endless planning and sneaking around to avoid tipping your wife off. You got the tickets for a 10-day excursion to Paris, France and you know your wife will be pleased when she opens the envelope with the tickets in it. Your friends and family think you scrimped and saved for years to be able to provide the honeymoon of your wife’s dream, but in reality, you caught a ‘lucky break’ on a household expense that you had planned for but came in a lot cheaper.

You needed a roof repair in Elmvale and the fact you caught the problem that was creating the necessity for a roof repair in Elmvale in the bud, meant it came in at a reduced cost. So much so, that the Paris honeymoon was paid with some money left over for that man cave you always wanted but that is another story for another time. And besides, if the wife finds out about the money left over it will be a new kitchen instead of the cave of your dreams. But no matter, you got on roof repair in Elmvale case early and produced the results you needed and part of came from the good decision you made to hire a professional for roof repair in Elmvale. The contractor that was chosen for a roof repair in Elmvale was AM Roofing Solutions, and it was a stroke of good fortune that you settled on AM Roofing Solutions. Part of the reason you did was their experience – 60-plus years in business, and tradesmen with journeyman status in their trade and a number of outstanding reviews from previous customers who had a roof repair in Elmvale put AM Roofing Solutions over the top. When the crew arrived for you roof repair in Elmvale, you discovered it was a family affair and the crew told you that for the past three generations family has been on every job AM Roofing Solutions has done. Dedication to the craft is what the family brings a roof repair in Elmvale and you can see their attention to detail and that they are willing to go the extra mile whenever needed. Another roof repair in Elmvale completed and another 10-year workmanship warranty issued to the homeowner to let him know we have his back if things happen.

Roof repair in Elmvale; make the most of it

  • If you have problems on your roof would you know? Do you know how to tell the difference between a failing shingle and one that is in good shape? If you thought about it probably, but roofing problems seldom come when you are looking for them and they seem to manifest themselves at the most inopportune time. Shingles crack, curl or chip due to exposure to the elements, shingles can come loose during a winds storm or be struck by tree branches. All these instances can create a scenario for a roof repair in Elmvale, and if you don’t get on top of the small problems they grow to giant-sized problems with a giant-sized price tag if you don’t take action. Water will take a run of the mill roof repair in Elmvale and turn it into a monster if the gaps and exposed areas aren’t covered quickly and the homeowner will need to spend excessively to make the roof sturdy and waterproof again.
  • Next stop on the water drainage highway is the valleys that coordinate water movement from the top of the roof to the rain gutters at the edge of the roof. Water is streamed across the shingles and sent to the valleys for accelerated movement to the gutters. The valleys need the roof’s structural integrity to be sound to keep the angle in place so water can be moved by gravity to the ground. If water isn’t moving you know you have a problem, especially in light of the fact that roof may be sagging – if that is the case water damage has occurred and it has damaged the supports of the roof. Flat spots become prevalent and water will sit, or pool and leak into the house, further damaging the supports for the roof.
  • We should clean our rain gutters once a year at least, they get the water off the roof and away from the house working in concert with the downspout system. If you don’t have a regular cleaning schedule set up for the gutters, expect that debris will find its way into the channels and impede drainage. If the blockage becomes significant enough it force water over the sides of the channels and to the ground in areas that weren’t designed to drain water from and the puddles mean leaks at the foundation. If water doesn’t drain and it freezes in the channels it will crack and or split the channels and can force the gutters away from the fascia. That may not be a problem right now, but the spring thaw will be another story and you don’t want to be standing in an inch of water in your basement because you didn’t clean your gutters, now do you? 
  • The last place you would think of for a water leak in your house s the first place you should look and that is the chimney and skylight. Your roofing system is a layered lid on your home and roofing contractors go to great lengths to cover and recover areas to prevent water invasion. But with a skylight and chimney they are cut into the roof and water sealed with a bead of caulking to keep water out. This is a big risk if you aren’t keen on checking the caulking every so often – caulking can shrink or crack and those are places where water can find a way to your roof. With a skylight, you see water, you clean up water; you get on the roof and check the caulking as add more or replace what is there. At the chimney, you never know when the caulking has failed, creating a perfect storm for a high-dollar roof repair. If you are cleaning gutters, check the seals too because a penny saved is a penny earned.

Elmvale is the near north of Ontario and sits just 20 minutes north of Barrie. The town has been hit by two tornadoes in the last 20 years and fortunately there were no fatalities – a barn was flattened and a few mature trees were uprooted, but by and large, the town was untouched by the weather event.

For a first-class roof repair, residents seek out our company, AM Roofing Solutions, and we make the repairs necessary to keep their homes in good condition. A no-cost meeting, a free roof inspection, and free estimate are waiting when you call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Elmvale 


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