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Roof Repair in Dorset, ON

Many of us have dreams, hopes and desires and they are subject to change as we grow and mature. Once we get married and have kids – a dream? – we need to recalibrate our priorities to meet the changing landscape that our future will become. Starting a family is one of the steps of a successful union with a partner, but it comes with future obligations that can't be avoided. We need to feed, nurse, clothe and educate our children to become the best citizens they can be and in our society, and a college or university education is a necessity for our kids to achieve their goals. One of the things new parents invest in is an RESP for their kids’ post-secondary education and that is a given – we know the costs of school and how crippling debt is preventing graduates from entering into the economy in a meaningful way and the best gift you can give your child is a debt-free start to adulthood. Strong planning will lead to a strong foundation and that is all we want to give to our kids – but the costs of post-secondary education have eclipsed the balance of the savings account and that means the money will need to be made up from somewhere. A stroke of good fortune visited your family in the form of a small cost roof repair in Dorset, and the money you had set aside for the roof repair in Dorset is still available. That balance will offset the costs of a post-secondary education – providing, of course, your kid doesn’t go to medical school – you have assured the near-term future for your kids and gave them a running start at life.

Hiring a contractor for your roof repair in Dorset was another excellent idea, because you thought that a contractor could provide the work and it would be a lasting roof repair in Dorset that would extend the life of your roof. The contractor that came to your aid when you needed a roof repair in Dorset was AM Roofing Solutions. You chose them because they had a track record of supplying quality workmanship for a roof repair in Dorset and they have been in business an astounding 60-plus years. The crew that assembled at your home for your roof repair in Dorset was all business – the workers that AM Roofing Solutions brought all had credentials to work in the roofing industry and they demonstrated a level of professionalism that made the work come off without any problems. Working with the crew for the roof repair in Dorset, was the family – you were told three generations have taken up the calling in the roofing business and they were the foundation of the talent that was brought together for your roof repair in Dorset. You knew that a warranty was part of the deal you signed, but you were surprised when you received it because it was for a 10-years for workmanship.

Roof repair in Dorset; err on the side of caution

  • A roof repair cost money, but the repair should never be about the cost, but the problem it solves. That is why a homeowner should keep a vigilant eye on the roofing system to prevent costly roof replacements because a roof repair was enacted when you had the chance to do it. It is a simple as looking at your roof to get a handle on the condition of the shingles that cover your roof. They are the first stop for water and weather and they need to stay in good condition to provide the security that they were designed for. Shingles can be lifted off the roof in a windstorm or damaged, or wear out – when you see that the shingles have sustained some damage – don’t wait to call a contractor for a repair, it saves money and prevents the damage from spreading across the roof.
  • Valleys were the created for a roofing system to help drain water off the roof via gravity and a slight angle to help the water run downhill to the rain gutters. Water will collect in the valleys and is streamed to the gutters – in a perfect world the water move freely without any problems and hits the gutters and in turn to the ground. But valleys can have problems like any other aspect of the roofing system and generally, the valleys are affected by other problems that cause flat spots. The valleys need the roof’s structure to be consistent – if the roof is sagging or bowing at the roofing supports – water will have already infiltrated the roofing system and caused immense damage, probably from failing shingles. Two ways to detect this problem, the first is the eye test, the sag or bow become evident when you look at it – or you can proactively check the decking in your attic – if it feels wet, you have had water get in and you need to stop the leak before it gets too far down the line.
  • The rain gutters move water that is their sole purpose, and the need for a free and clear channel for the gutters to operate is most important. What happens when the gutters are clogged is water will spill over and will run down the side of your house of fall freely to the ground. This can create a vulnerability problem for your foundation or the ground around it – if it is lower than other areas water will pool creating a depression for puddles to become bigger with every shower.
  • At the top of your house, you should see a chimney and possibly a skylight if you had one installed or bought the house with on installed on the roof. Both can be a source of water leaks into the home because you haven’t maintained them. The maintenance that the skylight and chimney needs are a caulking check at least once a year. The caulking is the waterproof seal that prevents leaks, but there is only so much you can expect from the seal. Shrinkage or cracking is two of the faults that can occur with caulking and that is where water will leak in. With the skylight it instant awareness – you see the water on the floor below the skylight, with the chimney is another story. Years could go by before you are aware of the trouble and it could be thousands to correct all because you didn’t add a new bead of caulking when you had the chance. 

In the winter months, Dorset is a quiet village of less than a thousand people, but when summer comes the population ramps up twenty-fold as vacationers invade the beautiful lake land community. To keep home a cottage roofs in great shape the villagers will contact AM Roofing Solutions to get the problems solved right the first time. For a no-obligation meeting, free roof inspection and free estimate, all AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Dorset, ON

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