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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Washago

They say ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and when we gaze upon our castle keep we should see a beautiful residence also known as our home. When home repairs take the blush off the rose we know as our home, home repairs are the likely cause of the blemishes that are apparent. An eavestrough replacement in Washago, a fascia replacement in Washago and a soffit replacement in Washago can take the sheen off any dwelling. When roof repairs come to the attention of a homeowner, professional help should be sought to make the necessary adjustments to restore the lustre that our beautiful home needs. That is the best time to call us at AM Roofing Solutions, not only do we repair roofing problems, those repairs make your home a thing of beauty.

Demonstrating our commitment, maintaining our roofing system


  • When we look at our roofing system, it is difficult to determine if our integrated systems are working well together. Sings can indicate problems, but identifying them is the trick, as the problems start small and are somewhat unnoticeable. Water over the sides of an eavestrough is a definite clue that will lead to the conclusion that the there is some type of blockage in the gutters. An eavestrough repair in Washago is the treatment that a contractor would recommend to get the water flowing and prevent the water from damaging any of the other systems that work on the roof. Major injuries to the eavestrough can occur when we don’t act on what we see, and then an eavestrough installation in Washago becomes a necessity due to neglect. Water and wet materials in the rain gutters will slow the flow of water and a rain gutter repair in Washago is the type of thinking that can prevent problems from escalating. If you missed the signs – water over the gutters, or puddles where they shouldn’t be, a rain gutter replacement in Washago can mitigate harm to these areas and get water moving to the ground.


  • Holding the eavestrough to the side of the house is the fascia – the eavestrough is attached to it and it serves as a seal for the roofing system as it is rooted at the base of the eavestrough and closes the space between the decking and edge of the roof. When we see water over the gutter channels, the first stop on the drainage tour is at the fascia. If the water drainage over the sides has been limited, a fascia repair in Washago will help protect the fascia from damage. Let's face it, a fascia made of wood will not stand up to water drainage over any period of time and fascia installation in Washago will be the end of the story when it comes to replacing the fascia. The fascia will rot and mold will grow when it forced to accept water drainage from the gutters and bodes badly for roof’s health. Too, the fascia will experience water damage from a source that you would never think of, the attic. The attic needs a significant amount of insulation to keep heat in the house – if the less than adequate insulation is present in the attic it will release heat to the decking and shingles. In the winter, this could the biggest problem your roofing system faces. Ice dams will be the all the damage your roof can stand and then some – the dams form when snow melts and re-freezes at the eavestrough. Once that happens the dams will damage the eavestrough as they force the gutters away from the fascia.


  • Keeping water out and getting air in the attic is what one part of the roofing system does. The soffit is located below the fascia and it provides circulation for the attic. Moist, humid air will rise from the house to the attic, without proper ventilation the attic will be engulfed in humidity and the supports will pay the price. In essence, you can improve the ventilation with a soffit repair in Washago – it will clear the holes that provide air access to the roof. If the air circulation doesn’t meet the minimum, a soffit installation in Washago will be the answer to the situation. Water vapour will be attracted to dry wood – like the trusses and rafters – and once the invasive vapour takes hold, your roof will sag and potential mold growth is another detail to deal with.

When you work with us at AM Roofing Solutions and you need an eavestrough replacement in Washago, a fascia replacement in Washago or a soffit replacement in Washago we will cover the labour with a 10-year warranty. Our approach to workmanship hasn’t changed in the 60-years we have been in business, and we will continue to stand behind our work with the best warranty in our business. For a free inspection, a no-cost meeting and free estimate, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.  

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Washago

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