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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Seguin

Getting our homes in pristine condition is a situation that will encompass a great deal of work; time and money to make the difference in our home’s appearance and ability to its ability withstand the elements. That is why we pour money into repairs to keep our home safe and inhabitable for our family. Certainly, through use, our home systems will need to be updated or replaced from time to time and an eavestrough replacement in Seguin, a fascia replacement in Seguin and a soffit replacement in Seguin are three such repairs that occur on a regular basis and need the services for a first-rate roofing contractor to complete. When you have the kind of work that only a professional contractor should be doing, reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions for the help you need to get your roofing system up to where it needs to be to confront the elements that it is exposed to.

Look for clues and keep you roof working well, eavestrough, fascia and soffit


  • To keep water from entering your roofing system it needs to be drained and the process is completed by the eavestrough and downspouts. Water comes to the eavestrough and it is sent to the downspouts when it rains or snow melts. The great thing about the eavestrough is an open channel to accept the water that is on the roof, but there are times when the eavestrough will hold clogs from wet leaves or branches and an eavestrough repair in Seguin will be what put things right to get the water moving again. In the event that damage has been done to the eavestrough, an eavestrough installation in Seguin will get water flowing to the ground and it is a prudent investment to make in your home. The rain gutters are one of the most important systems that need to be maintained at your home. A rain gutter repair in Seguin is the cure that disease needs to correct the interruption of water flow at your home. If you have had a branch break the channels or cause a crack in the channel, a rain gutter replacement will hold the solution. When water gets over the channels because they are blocked, other parts of the house are exposed to water and that causes problems for the other systems, as they aren’t designed to deal with the incessant onslaught of water.


  • When you have water moving through the channels at the gutters, the first stop for the water is at the fascia. For those who don’t know, the fascia is located at the edge of the roof and it keeps the slit that is the opening between the decking and roof edge closed. Made of wood, the fascia doesn’t stand a chance against water and wood rot or mold is the key indicator of problems that the fascia is experiencing. A fascia repair in Seguin will only go so far to get the wood rot and mold out of the roofing system – and if the problem has a longstanding history, you may need to provide a better solution. A fascia installation in Seguin can mute the spread of wood rot and mold and keep it from entering other parts of the roofing system and become a health hazard for your family. The fascia has to deal with other problems also if your attic has no insulation or limited insulation that could be the downfall of your fascia. Warm air from your home will heat the shingles and the decking – if you have snow on the roof it will melt and head for the rain gutters for drainage – as it should. But, you cant count on temperatures to be maintained above freezing – if the water re-freezes it creates ice dams at the eavestrough and that is when things take a downturn for your fascia and eavestrough. The weight of the ice and pressure exerted by the ice on the eavestrough will cause it to break away from the fascia and then it is an open gap for water to drain everywhere you don’t want it to.


  • The attic will hold heat – in general, it is warm, moist air that will hang in the attic like fog and the wet air vapour will find a way to impact the dry wood supports that hold up the roof. If you can catch the problem early, a soffit repair in Seguin will help prevent wood rot and mold in the attic because fresh air is making its way back into the attic. If the problem persists, a full-blown soffit replacement in Seguin will the only way to deal with this thorny problem and bring it to a logical conclusion. Part of the problem that wet water vapour causes are a bowing or a sagging of the joists and rafters that keep you home standing sturdy. If you look in your neighbourhood, any homes with a sag in the main support beam should tell you that they didn’t keep the soffit in a good state of repair and that there is poor insulation in the attic too. Don’t let this happen to you – the repair on the order of magnitude that a sagging main beam can cause is a huge expense and one to be avoided where possible.

When you contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for an eavestrough replacement in Seguin, a fascia replacement in Seguin or a soffit replacement in Seguin we want you to know that our work will come with a 10-year labour warranty for any problems that may happen after the fact. For a free consultation, a free inspection and free estimate, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Seguin

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