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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Muskoka

Solving problems means getting to the root of the cause and when we look at home repairs, not always is the cause clearly in view. Then cause and effect comes in to play and you need to understand how home systems work together to get a good picture of what is necessary to make home repairs lasting ones. An eavestrough replacement in Muskoka, a fascia replacement in Muskoka and a soffit replacement in Muskoka are repairs that can be predicated on something other than a damaged eavestrough. When you see that you have problems that can force this type of repair on roofing system, call a professional. You can conscript our company; AM Roofing Solutions to make the repairs you need and our work will be the best you can buy in the marketplace.

How the system functions collaboratively, the eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • To get water off the roof you need a drainage system to transport water to the ground – this process is facilitated by the eavestrough and downspouts. First of all, an eavestrough can be exposed to many things as an open channel drainage system and that requires periodic inspections to determine the state of the eavestrough. When bulk materials buildup in the channel an eavestrough repair in Muskoka should be what would work best. If water isn’t moving the eavestrough isn’t doing its job and water can find its way to the ground spilling over the channel. If left too long and eavestrough installation in Muskoka can be your only salvation because you can’t have open holes that let the water fall through to the ground. As an insurance policy for your house a rain gutter repair in Muskoka will be the best investment you can make for your home. If the problems have exceeded a repair a rain gutter replacement in Muskoka can relieve the pressure on the system and get water moving to the ground to drain away.


  • The fascia keeps water and other materials from entering the attic – it is a wood strip that closes the gap between the eavestrough and the decking of the roof. When water spills from a blocked gutter channel it is the first to receive the runoff. If you catch the runoff in the preliminary stages of its advance against the fascia a fascia repair in Muskoka will relieve the problems that can develop over time. But, you never seem to notice fascia problems because it isn’t raining all the time – when the discovery is finally made it could mean a fascia installation in Muskoka as a way to exit the situation. Wood rot and mold are key drivers of repair and replacement strategies – you cant stop the offending bacterial growth without removing the diseased sections and that is how most contractors will approach the work. Another section of your home can have a detrimental impact on your roofing system if you don’t have adequate attic insulation. Heat will rise in your home – that is a given – and when it does it gets to the attic and if the insulation is thin, it will escape to the shingles. Once there, warm air will help melt snow that may be on the roof and then the water heads for the gutters. As long as daytime temperatures are above freezing, water transfer for the roof is assured – if the temperature recedes below freezing, ice dams will form at the base of the roof. Once there it damage city to the eavestrough and fascia – then you need to re-think your roofing situation with an eye on boosting your attic insulation.


  • As mentioned above, warm air does no good for attic or a roofing system, and that is how the soffit can into being. It is an addition that is set below the eavestrough that contains openings that allow fresh air to makes its way to the attic. If you aren’t getting any circulation to the attic, a soffit repair in Muskoka is the way to start. Your attic can become a humid place if fresh air isn’t circulating and the wet vapour will destroy your trusses and rafters – if you have ever seen the main beam with a sag in it, you know that the soffit has failed. To prevent that scenario from finding a place to happen a soffit installation in Muskoka will reduce humidity and protect your roof against invasive water vapour.

For over 60-years, we at AM Roofing Solutions have provided an eavestrough replacement in Muskoka, a fascia replacement in Muskoka and a soffit replacement in Muskoka to many homes that needed our help. All the work we provide comes with our 10-year labour warranty and experts in the field provide our workmanship.

If you see water coming places you have never seen it come from before, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for a full accounting of the problem and we will work with you to establish solutions for your problems. For a free inspection, a free estimate and a no-cost meeting with our company, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Muskoka

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