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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Midland

Keeping our homes in the best condition our budgets can afford is important – and if the repair or the work you need to have done far and away exceeds your budget, financing may be the option that you need to choose if a repair catches you by surprise. But, we never want to be caught unaware of home repairs – that says we haven’t been paying attention to the needs of our home and we have put our loved ones in harm’s way if the repair is a major problem. An eavestrough replacement in Midland, a fascia replacement in Midland or a soffit replacement in Midland can be classified as a major repair depending on the extent of the damage that has been caused by the original problem. Roof repairs aren’t for amateurs, no, they need a first-rate roofing contractor and when your problems need a pro, call us at AM Roofing Solutions. Quality workmanship, expertise, and experience are our calling cards for roof repairs and we make sure that the work is done to industry standards when we provide a roof repair for your home.

Keep your roof protected with a good eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • Our eavestrough will take water runoff from the roof and direct it to the downspout and then to the ground for release. If the channels aren’t clear of debris – the water will move at a slower pace and in time the back up will fall over the top of the channels when the volume of water increases. An eavestrough repair in Midland is one way to make a smooth transition for a blocked channel to a free-flowing one and the results will be fast-moving water draining at the right place. If the problem has been left too long and damage has been done to the channel and eavestrough installations in Midland are the thing to help with water drainage. You never want to see water running over the rain gutters, it will slide down the side of the house or go directly to a window well and rise as the accumulation increases. A rain gutter repair in Midland is the way to keep water out of the house and the window wells that provide direct access to the basement. Rain gutters will only support so much weight in the channels – overweight material in the rain gutters will cause them to buckle and roll forward, then a rain gutter replacement in Midland is the thing that you will need to have done at your home to keep water flowing to the place it was intended to go.


  • Water over the rain gutters should tell you that another section of the roofing system is dealing with the problem too and that is the fascia. It sits just under the eavestrough and is the cover for the opening between the roof’s edge and the decking. Constant drips or splashes turn into streams and that is a problem for the fascia as it is made of wood and will rot over time if not protected from the water runoff. A fascia repair in Midland is a homeowner’s salvation in this instance – but, and the but is a big one here – mold and wood rot can have a way of moving along the fascia in a stealth-like fashion infecting the whole track. We recommend that a homeowner have an entirely new fascia installation in Midland to prevent the health hazard from becoming a reality for the homeowner and his family. The fascia is forced to deal with problems, not of its creation and one such problem exists in the attic. If you have been procrastinating and haven’t added new attic insulation or installed any attic insulation, your fascia is at risk. In the winter, temperatures can fluctuate between cold and really cold – but poor insulation creates a situation where the shingles are heated from the hot air that is escaping the home and sitting in the top of the roof. As the snow is melted on the roof, it changes to water and runs for the rain gutters to clear the roof. Ice dams form, the pressure is exerted on the eavestrough and fascia, and Bob’s your uncle, damage done.


  • To keep the attic temperature somewhat regulated to the median temperature outside, you need a fresh air return to keep the temperatures in line with the climate. This is achieved with a soffit – a panel that is installed under the eavestrough and the holes in the panels are the way air gets into the attic. If your attic is unseasonably warm, you should know you need a soffit replacement in Midland to put the cool back in your attic. Here’s why: Humid air will destroy your joists and beams if the vapour is permitted to embed itself wooden supports. To keep the water vapour out of the attic a soffit replacement in Midland might the only conclusion you can reach when confronted with this problem. Look around your area, if you see a house that has a sagging main beam, it is because the soffit has failed and humidity has killed the supports.

When you contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for help with the problems outlined here, we want you to understand implicitly that we are your best bet to solve the problem. For more than 60-years we have worked as a wrap around roofing company and when the need arises for an eavestrough replacement Midland, a fascia replacement in Midland or a soffit replacement in Midland will come with our 10-year workmanship warranty.

Don’t let roofing problems inhibit your ability to enjoy your home. For a no-cost meeting, a free estimate and free roof inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Midland

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