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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Mactier

When a homeowner is faced with home repairs he or she sits on the horns of a dilemma – do I DIY it or do I hire a professional to get the work done right the first time? Certainly, the costs of the work are the deciding factor, but should we really quibble about it when you are talking about our most important asset? The short answer is no and the longer is no also for all sorts of reasons. First off, any repair should never be about the price but about what the repair will do in the grand scheme of things. An eavestrough replacement in Mactier, a fascia replacement in Mactier and a soffit replacement in Mactier are the type of repairs should be left to a professional roof contractor to complete. Those repairs are right in our wheelhouse at AM Roofing Solutions, as a top-down roofing concern we have provided solace for any home whose afflicted with roofing problems and we make short work of them we are called in.

Get the roof repaired, the eavestrough, fascia and soffit


  • Water on the roof must be channeled to the ground – and it is the eavestrough’s responsibility to engage in that act. Sometimes, the eavestrough can't get the water to the ground or it is moving water at less than optimal capacity – that should tell a homeowner that there are clogs in the eavestrough and an eavestrough repair in Mactier will get water rushing to the downspouts when provided. As long as the material in the eavestrough hasn’t damaged the channels the repair should take care of business, but twigs and branches have a funny way of cracking the channels or poking holes in them and an eavestrough installation in Mactier is the only way to help water flow to the ground. When you see water flowing over your rain gutters in a rainstorm, it should be clear as a bell that and rain gutter repair in Mactier is the solution for the trouble that is present in the gutters. Too, the extra weight that accumulates in the channels is a potential hazard for the rain gutters and if damage has been done a rain gutter replacement in Mactier if the way to go for your home’s security.


  • If water is flowing over the channels of the rain gutters, the fascia will be the first roofing piece to get wet. The fascia is situated below the eavestrough and it keeps a gap closed between the roof’s edge and the decking. As the water hits the fascia like a drum beat, the water can get into the fascia and create mold or wood rot where it is hitting the fascia. A fascia repair in Mactier can the small amputation the fascia needs to restore its integrity – but, as most contractors will tell you, you can never say for sure if you got all the mold and wood rot because of the invasive nature of the bacteria. A fascia installation in Mactier will be the best and lasting solution to the problem – providing of course that you get your gutters cleaned first. We have all seen the commercial about enhancing our attic insulation to save on energy costs, but improved attic insulation will also save your fascia and eavestrough too. Too little attic insulation will let heat that is venting from the home to the attic to reach the shingles via the decking. If snow is sitting on the roof it will melt and the water should move to the rain gutters for discharge on the ground. Once the water freezes later in the day, ice dams are created and the damage to the fascia and the eavestrough is done because the water will rest at the eavestrough, where it freezes.


  • Moving cool dry air into the attic is the job of the soffit and it an important one. Cool dry air balance out the warm, moist air that enters the attic from your home when you heat it. Once the wet vapour takes hold it can be a difficult experience for the wood supports in the attic. Or you aren’t getting enough fresh air in the attic a soffit repair in Mactier will help bring the right balance back to your attic environment. If the soffit has sustained damage or the holes are plugged beyond repair a soffit installation in Mactier is the only way to bring the temperature regulation you need back to your attic.

Keeping up with home repairs before they become an out control monster is important to any homeowner who values his finances. An eavestrough replacement in Mactier, a fascia replacement in Mactier or a soffit replacement in Mactier – provided by AM Roofing Solutions – will have a warranty attached for a 10-year period for our workmanship.

Call us at AM Roofing Solutions when you have roofing problems and we can start the process of correcting any problems that are causing anxiety for a homeowner. For a free estimate, a free inspection and a no-cost meeting can be had when you call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Mactier

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