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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Hanmer

A homeowner’s work is never done, keep the grass cut, the weeds pulled and the snow shoveled is a full-time job for some homeowners if they own a substantial piece of property. Let’s not forget, that the bigger the property and building – the bigger the repairs when the time comes. If you keep up with your chores, then it stands to reason that you will keep up with home repairs and the sooner you get to the repairs the cheaper they will be to complete. An eavestrough replacement in Hanmer, a fascia replacement in Hanmer and a soffit replacement in Hanmer are repairs that shouldn't be attempted alone. You need a contractor from a roofing company to do the type of work that is necessary to complete the repairs and we invite you to call us at AM Roofing Solutions when the problems become more than your roof can sustain.

Protect your home with a quality roofing system, eavestrough, fascia and soffit


  • Water is the giver of life, and it also the greatest threat your roofing system faces when it falls from the sky or when the snow melts. That is why homes have an eavestrough; it moves water from the roof to the ground for dispersal away from your house. From time to time, your eavestrough will need to be cleared out and that is when an eavestrough repair in Hanmer makes so much sense. It keeps the water flowing through the channels and it keeps the water from flowing down the side of your house. One thing for sure though is the clogs in the channels can cause damage to the eavestrough and eavestrough replacement in Hanmer is the only thing standing between you and water flowing to the ground. Water over the channels of an eavestrough is a problem that needs to be solved by discovery and a rain gutter repair in Hanmer is just the solution to relieve a homeowner of the problem. If the sticks and wet leaves have damaged the gutters, a rain gutter replacement in Hanmer is the one thing that is a sure-fire repair to keep the water in the channels and on its way to the ground for release. Clogs cause water damage indirectly to other areas of the roofing system so it is more than important to treat the problem with extreme prejudice when it is identified.


  • Your fascia plays an important role in your roofing system – it keeps water and debris out of the roofing system because it closes up a gap that is present at the roof’s edge where the decking meets the eavestrough. As mentioned earlier, water that spills over the rain gutters hits the fascia on the way down the side of the house and that is where the problems start for the fascia. The fascia is a wood lath strip or an aluminum-clad wood strip and a constant barrage of water over the eavestrough will eventually wear away at the wood and cause wood rot or mold to develop in the strip. A fascia repair in Hanmer is one way to head the problem off – you don’t need mold spores accumulating in the fascia and moving to the upper regions of the roofing system. If that is the case, you need a fascia replacement in Hanmer to prevent any mold or rot from infecting other parts of your home. Receiving water from blocked rain gutter channels is just one problem he fascia faces that isn’t of its own creation. The other problem the fascia deals with is poor insulation in the attic. Heat rises in our homes and will get to the attic – if there is no insulation or insulation that has seen better days – the heat will warm the roof. If you have any snow on the roof it will melt on contact with the heat – once it does it is sent to the gutters for eviction from the roofing system. That is where the problems start, frozen water will create pressure between the fascia and eavestrough and it is only a matter of time before the damage is done.


  • A roofing system needs to breathe to keep it protected from warm, moist water vapour – and that is the job for the soffit – it works like the lungs of the home. The soffit is a panel that is installed just below the fascia and it contains a series of holes at keep the fresh air flowing to the attic. If the holes aren’t sending enough air to the attic, a soffit repair in Hanmer can help get the circulation back to a healthy level for your roof to maintain its equilibrium from a temperature standpoint. If you notice that the attic is still a tad warm of is a bit ‘moist,’ a soffit replacement in Hanmer will lead you to where you need to be when you want to dehumidify your attic. Once water vapour takes hold in the attic, it will embed itself in the wooden supports in your attic and you can see a visible sag in your main beam. If that happens it could be an entire rip-off and replacement for the top of your house if the beams are too far-gone. If you have that type of problem a soffit installation in Hanmer will need to be supplied with the other work to keep the problem from coming back.

Small repairs can become major home restoration adventures if you don’t act when you have the chance to. An eavestrough replacement in Hanmer, a fascia replacement in Hanmer or a soffit replacement in Hanmer can be just such a repair that could lead to major problems if they aren’t spoken to when they are small problems. When you hire us at AM Roofing Solutions for any of the work outlined here, we want you to know that we have you covered with a 10-year labour warranty cover anything that happens over the course of time. For a free inspection, a free estimate and a no-obligation consultation, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.218.6900.

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