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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Gordon Bay

Everybody needs a roof over their head – it has been this way since humans were hunters and gatherers – protection from Mother Nature and the weather she brings is paramount to survival. Fast forward to the here and now and the need is still felt as acutely as it was in the past. The benefits of modern civilization are the technological advancements in home development and the need for an eavestrough replacement Gordon Bay, a fascia replacement in Gordon Bay and a soffit replacement in Gordon Bay are what keeps our loved ones warm and dry. Once problems have been identified – a professional roofing contractor should be consulted and that is why a call to us at AM Roofing Solutions makes so much sense. We have a long history clearing up roofing problems for a homeowner and our expertise is top of the line.

Keep the water out – updates and upgrades for the eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • Keeping material out of the channel that is the eavestrough is regular maintenance task that every home should engage in at least once per year. The channels will see material buildup and an eavestrough repair in Gordon Bay is one way to keep water flowing freely to the downspouts from the roof. The incidental damage that occurs because twigs or sticks get lodged in the channels can cause an eavestrough installation in Gordon Bay because you can’t have water draining just anywhere. When water is running over the rain gutters due to bottlenecking in the channel a rain gutter repair in Gordon Bay will help remove the blockage and get water off the roof the right way – through the channels and to the ground. If you haven’t gotten around to the repairs you needed to make a couple of years ago the chances that a rain gutter replacement in Gordon Bay will be a necessary evil will come to the front of the line.


  • When water is spilling over the rain gutter channels – it meets the fascia head on and over time the wooden strip that closes the gap between the decking and the eavestrough will start decay. A fascia repair in Gordon Bay can correct this problem if the problem is diagnosed early – then it is a simple repair. If water has been attacking the fascia for a longer period of time, a fascia installation in Gordon Bay will be needed to stop the spread of mold and dry rot that can invade the fascia. The fascia is affected by another problem that is inside the house and originates in the attic. Lack of attic insulation density is the problem here – warm air will move to the decking and shingles in the winter if a blanket of loose-fill insulation isn’t present on the floor of your attic. The subsequent heat will leak to the shingles and any precipitation on the roof will melt creating a wave of water that will run for the rain gutters. So far, good, until the sun sets and the water freezes at the gutters and fascia – ice dams are the problem now and they can rip the gutters right off the fascia if too much pressure is exerted.


  • Another problem that warm, humid air can cause is wood rot to the supports that hold up the roof. The hot air that emanates from your home is water-based and the water will infect the supports. Fortunately for a homeowner, a soffit was the great invention for the roofing system because the soffit is the fresh air return for the roof. It is installed at the base of the fascia underneath the eavestrough and the panels have holes interspersed in the panels and that is the transitway for the fresh air to enter. If the airflow is slowed because the holes have dust in them, a soffit repair in Gordon Bay in one way to get the air to the attic and protect the trusses and joists from humid air. If the temperature in the attic doesn’t change much and you fell the air is ‘wet,’ a soffit replacement in Gordon Bay will increase the airflow your attic needs to stop humidity from damaging your roof. 

Over the last 60-or-so-years, we at AM Roofing Solutions have been working to solve all kinds of roofing problems big and small to extend the life of any roofing system we work on. When your home needs an eavestrough replacement in Gordon Bay, a fascia replacement in Gordon Bay or a soffit replacement in Gordon Bay, out 10-year warranty for workmanship will be issued.

Roofing problems can cause anxiety and when you feel a little more than concerned about your roof, reach out to us for help and advice at AM Roofing Solutions. For a free estimate, a free inspection and a no-cost meeting, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.  

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Gordon Bay

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