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Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Bracebridge

Take a look at the roof on house, what do see? Shingles, right?

But a roofing system is much more than just shingles and it is important to understand how your roofing system works. Three important components work with the shingles to help move water and air temperature to keep your roofing system functioning. The evestroughs, fascias and soffits provide important support the roofing system and without them a roofing system would be a cover at the apex of your house that would be spring leaks on a regular basis. At AM Roofing Solutions, we specialize in our wrap around services and when you need an eavestrough replacement in Bracebridge we can do the work effectively and with a high degree of quality in our service. If you need a soffit replacement in Bracebridge due to the ravages of the elements we will correct the problem with the same expertise that you would expect when we replaced your eavestrough. A fascia replacement in Bracebridge can be done quickly and easily and that piece of maintenance will protect your home’s roofing system for many years.


How your roofing system components interact




The eavestrough is the primary water drainage system for your roofing system. It works in tandem with the downspouts to run water off the roof and away from the house. There are times when the rain gutter will not function properly due to blockage or leaks. If the problem is small enough an eavestrough repair in Bracebridge can solve the problem with a few minor touch ups to the existing channels. When the damage is too great and eavestrough repair in Bracebridge is a waste of resources an eavestrough installation in Bracbridge maybe required to put the problem to rest. The number one cause of an eavestrough installation in Bracebridge comes from the weather. Rain and snow is the scourge of any roofing system and when ice dams form on the roof it can push the rain gutters away from the fascia. Ice dams form because attic insulation isn’t sufficient and snow melts and freezes as temperatures change causing a rain gutter repair in Bracebridge to be a potential solution. If the damage is too great a rain gutter replacement may be the only alternative to prevent further damage to the roofing system.




The fascia that wraps around the roof’s edge serves a number of different functions: first it joins the roof decking to an edge to create a seal, it supports the rain gutters and it keeps water from running down the side of the house by channeling the water in the gutters from the shingles. If the gutters become clogged or spout leaks, water damage and moisture can create wood rot on the fascia and to the underside of the roof’s decking. Sometimes a small fascia repair Bracebridge can be an effective tool to combat wood rot, but other times a fascia repair Bracebridge wont satisfy the problem and more extensive work may need to be undertaken. What that means is a fascia installation for the roofing system to replace the weathered and worn fascia to keep the roofing system in peak condition. A fascia installation in Bracebridge is a small price to pay to piece of mind and trust in your roofing system that protects your home.




The soffit is located just underneath the fascia and is important to the overall health of the roofing system in a couple of different ways. The first is it brings cold air into your attic, and in turn forces warm air out through the roof vents. This helps maintain a median temperature that protects the shingles and prevents ice dams from forming at the rain gutters when working with adequate insulation.  If the rain gutters have a debris buildup in the channels, water runs over the channels and it soaks the fascia and the moisture from the wet fascia invades the soffits and when that happens a soffit repair in Bracebridge can take care of the thorny problem. But, if the damage isn’t recognized early, a soffit repair in Bracebridge won’t solve the problem. If the damage is extensive enough to warrant a soffit installation in Bracebridge it is a small price to pay when compared with an entire roofing system because a soffit installation in Bracebridge wasn’t done in a timely manner.


Our company, AM Roofing Solutions has been correcting problems like these for over six decades with best techniques in our industry and capable staff has been our strength for all those years.

When the resident so Santa’s Village need ancillary roofing work done to protect their most important asset, they can call us today at 1.705.689.8688

Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Bracebridge

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