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Attic Insulation in Rosseau

In the winter, the floors in your house are cold and in the summer your house is overly warm with the air conditioner running on high, you compare energy costs with a neighbour with a similar house and lifestyle, and your costs are astronomical to that of your neighbour’s costs.

You realize you have a problem, but what?

A lack of attic insulation in Rosseau is contributing to your heating and cooling problems. A lack of attic insulation in Rosseau causes your home to use 40 per cent more energy than necessary to that and cool your home because the energy is leaking out the roof of your home. Energy conservation studies have told homeowners that 40 per cent of their costs are lost due to poor attic insulation in Rosseau and that is contributing to climate change. When we burn fossil fuels, we cause greenhouse gas emissions that force climate change and burning extra fossil fuels because we have no or limited attic insulation in Rosseau only accelerates the change. If you were to install new attic insulation in Rosseau, savings can be had in the range of 20-30 per cent on your cooling and heating bills and that is carried over yearly.

To reduce your utility bills and start a conservation plan to help the environment, make a date with AM Roofing Solutions to review your attic insulation in Rosseau. We have many years providing expert advice for all things attic insulation in Rosseau and we can help with your energy consumption problems and turn then into conservation victories.

Attic insulation in Rosseau, on the road to a green future

  • It is a fact that you can save money with new attic insulation in Rosseau, but the costs of the action to install new attic insulation in Rosseau is the wild card in the deliberations. Homeowners should know that costs for new attic insulation are on the low end by comparison to other plans to reduce energy consumption. It takes less than 24 months for the costs to be paid for and the savings will dwarf the initial costs.
  • The first step on the road to energy conservation comes with a choice of contractor for the work. Some qualifiers should be present when hiring a contractor, first is he licensed to do the work, does he have local references and the experience need to fulfill the requirements of the work. If those conditions are met, you should have no trouble making arrangements with a certified contractor for the work you require.
  • Hiring a certified contractor to install new insulation will provide a perk for the homeowner in the form of a warranty for the shingles. When a certified contractor installs your insulation it will be done in accordance with industry standards and those standards one met will cause the warranty to come into effect. Warranties can be 50-years long and can be reassigned to a new owner should you sell in the warranty period. Shingles abhor excess heat and they will wilt under intense heat release through the attic limiting their life span.
  • To spur conservation efforts, the provincial government has changed the building code to reflect their commitment to reduce the effects of climate change in the area of attic insulation retrofits. They have instituted a that attic density for insulation be set at R-20 but it fails to address other factors. House size, lifestyle and temperatures will all play a part when determining the amount of attic insulation you need. Our experts can calculate an amount that will satisfy the new building code requirements and you are always free to add more insulation should you chose to.
  • When you have decided to install new insulation, you don’t need to hire a separate contractor to remove anything that may be in the attic as we provide that service also. We use a large vacuum to remove anything that is there before we install the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation.   

Our company is very particular about the products we install in our customer’s homes and the insulation we use comes from Owens Corning. They make EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation, the best n the market and they invented fibreglass back in the 1930’s.  It is the contractor choice and it is green – 73-per-cent remanufactured glass – and it is the top selling product in North America.

Owens Corning has provided our company a certification that is the gold standard of our business. We have been certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for all Owens Corning products, and it is a certification unique to Canada.

Our company has been working on roofs and in attics for the past 60 years and we have never lost sight of the fact that quality-workmanship and attention to customer needs is paramount to success and that is why we have grown in the last six decades.

The community of Rosseau is located on the north shore of Lake Rosseau in the middle of cottage country and when their homes or cottages need roofing or insulation work they can trust us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a free consultation and attic inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Rosseau

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