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Attic Insulation in Port Sydney

Homeowners crave cost certainty so they can budget for expenses and necessities that are part of home ownership. When costs increase, sacrifices in other areas are inevitable but they can be offset through reductions in spending in other areas. To reduce your home heating bill, new attic insulation in Port Sydney will bring your expenses in check and return a few dollars too. Scientific studies produced over the years tell us that a lack of attic insulation in Port Sydney is a prime contributor to high-energy costs and conservation can reduce the problem to a manageable level. The studies have said that 40 per cent of heating costs are the result of poor attic insulation in Port Sydney as heat is escaping through the roof. A spin-off problem is more of an environmental threat, excess use of fossil fuels results in greenhouse gas emissions through poor attic insulation in Port Sydney. Installing new attic insulation in Port Sydney is great energy conservation plan that has a huge upside going forward. New attic insulation in Port Sydney will return money in your pocket through savings that were highlighted in many academic studies – between 20-30 per cent reduction in costs will be achieved with new attic insulation in Port Sydney. 

To emancipate your household from unnecessary expenses contact us, AM Roofing Solutions, to create an effective plan for new attic insulation in Port Sydney that will help save money and the environment too.

Attic insulation in Port Sydney, doing more with less

  • Attic insulation in Port Sydney is a money saver for sure, but the costs haven’t been thoroughly broken out. The price of attic retrofit for new insulation is easily retrieved in a couple of years of less depending on your lifestyle and that is superior to many other conservation plans that take years before savings are returned.
  • For a project that is important to your household finances and the environment it is important that a certified, professional insulation installer is used to complete the work. Licensed, as a contractor and having expertise in the work you are contracting for is the beginning, a local profile with work done in the community is equally as important so references can be reviewed and previous work judged on merit.
  • Warranties can be a life saver when something goes wrong and when you have your installation installed by a professional a warranty – up to 50-years –can be realized on your shingles. Shingles can’t stand excess heat and when you have a professional install the insulation it stops the heat release to the shingles and head’s off premature damage. Also, the warranty can be included in a home sale if the transaction takes place in during the warranty’s term.
  • Every year or so the government will amend the building code to help with polices to protect the environment and changes for attic retrofits should help with those goals. Changes include many details for attic insulation it is a minimum level of insulation for all retrofits. The R-20rating will help reduce greenhouse gases but house size, lifestyle and local temperature will help shape the decision. Our consults can help navigate the new building code and after a detailed information session you are free to add more insulation as the savings will accrue over time.
  • To begin installing your new attic insulation, we need to remove all the old products that are in your attic. This accomplished with an industrial-sized vacuum and when the surface is cleared of debris we install the blown in, loose fill fibreglass insulation.

For all our attic retrofits, we use the best fibreglass insulation available and that is Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink fiberglass insulation. EcoTouch is the only choice of contractors far and wide, is green – 73-per-cent recycled – and fibreglass was invented by Owens Corning over 70 years ago.

We have been using Corning products for many years and our affiliation with their company has created synergies that we are monopolizing. They have certified us as a platinum Preferred Contractor for their products and it is the only certification in Canada.

A Diamond Anniversary is a rare thing in business, but we have celebrated our 60th anniversary in business and our longevity is directly tied to two things: quality-workmanship and customer care. They have been the bedrock of our success and they have helped build our reputation as the best roofing and insulation company in Ontario.

Located on the shores of Mary Lake and the upper North Muskoka River, Port Sydney is in a picturesque part of the province and they contact us, AM Roofing Solutions, for their roofing and insulation needs. For a free, no-obligation inspection and consultation, call us today at 1.877.281.6900. 

Attic Insulation in Port Sydney

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