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Attic Insulation in Parry Sound

The future promises change in many segments of our life and changes in our lifestyle will soon follow. Part of that change is moving to a more environmentally friendly world and in order to do that an effort must be made. Making lifestyle changes in our homes is good start. One of simplest changes a homeowner can make that will reward him in many ways is new attic insulation in Parry Sound. There are financial and environmental considerations for new attic insulation in Parry Sound and when it is installed it pays in both areas. Heat loss through the attic accounts for 40 per cent of a home’s heating bill with poor attic insulation in Parry Sound. That is devastating for our environment because fossil use creates greenhouse gases and that is the primary cause of climate change. When you install new attic insulation in Parry Sound, you are engaging in energy conservation that will put the brakes on climate change and runaway heating bills. The financial consideration to installing new attic insulation in Parry Sound comes in the form of savings that conservation provides and the experts who told us about poor insulation say that the savings are as high as 30 per cent per year with new attic insulation in Parry Sound.

To achieve cost containment on home energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, call us, AM Roofing Solutions. Our experts have helped many families with energy conservation through the installation of new attic insulation in Parry Sound and saving money has never been easier.

Attic insulation in Parry Sound, doing more with less

  • When we review our energy use, new attic insulation in Parry Sound is a sound decision for any homeowner. When you install new attic insulation in Parry Sound you will see you investment returned in less than 24 months and it creates year over year savings.
  • Projects involving thousands in savings aren’t DIY, they need to be completed by a contractor who has experience. It can’t be stressed enough, a professional comes with expertise, and a record of supplying quality work that comes with references for research purposes. Any reputable contractor will happily provide references for his work and if he is a local contractor that is a bonus.
  • When a professional assumes responsibility for your attic retrofit, it will produce results that most aren’t aware of. A warranty – a term no longer than 50-years – will be activated with a professional install and it can be packaged with the sale of your home should you sell during the warranty period. The shingles on your roof aren’t capable of handling excess heat that leaks through the attic, when a contractor installs the insulation it is done in a manner to prevent heat leakage and that protects the shingles.
  • To combat greenhouse emissions, the government has changed the building code to meet certain criteria that will help slow the use of fossil fuels. Attic insulation density is now subject to a minimum rating it is set at R-20 for all Ontario homes. That rating is uniform across the board, but temperature, house size and lifestyle needs to be dealt with when determining how much insulation you need. Our consultants will draw up a plan to get your attic up to code and if at the end of the day you want to install more insulation, the savings will come back to you in the future.
  • The procedure for installing blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation is simple but there is one catch. Any old insulation must be removed before we proceed, it takes a little time to vacuum out the attic, but once we have, the work goes smoothly.

Owens Corning is our supplier for the insulation we will install in your attic. EcoTouch Pink fiberglass insulation is the highest-selling insulation in Canada, it maintains its R-value well and it is mostly recycled glass – 73 per-cent recycled materials. Owens Corning is the father of fiberglass, they created it in their lab back in the 1930’s and it has been the top of the market ever since.

Working in conjunction with Owens Corning for many years, we have received an accolade in the form of a certification that is unique in Canada. Our company has been certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor, the only Canadian company to hold the certification.

Roofing companies come and go, but we have had the staying power to dominate our business for 60 years. The secret to our success is simple, we provide quality-workmanship that will stand the test of time and our word is our bond.

In the home of one of the most famous hockey players on Earth, Bobby Orr, the community of Parry Sound knows when their attic or insulation need defense against the elements they contact AM Roofing Solutions. A free estimate and home inspection can be had when you call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Parry Sound


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