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Attic Insulation in Muskoka

With wages stagnating and costs escalation, a homeowner needs to find efficiencies in his home budget that can offset the costs and tread water. Some areas can be addressed in the discretionary spending we engage in, but the static expenses that we have no recourse but to accept are the crosses to bear. Once we have addressed the situation, we can limit the increases in expenses and level them off to the income we have to disburse. There is another way to get a handle on the static expenses, but it requires a commitment – financial – and if you are bleeding money, you could be throwing good money after bad with the wrong investment. To get your energy costs under control, one of the wisest investments to make is in your home to reduce the monthly payments. There are home renovation projects that offer savings to varying degree, but many times the return on the investment is far down the road with large upfront costs. The best thing you can do is install attic insulation in Muskoka to keep the chill of winter out and the cool air in the summer. Attic insulation in Muskoka rates as one the best projects on a value for money scale due to the costs and the return, which happens almost immediately. At AM Roofing Solutions, we don’t just specialize in roofing work; we can help a homeowner reduce his monthly energy bill with new attic insulation in Muskoka.

Heat loss is the biggest problem a homeowner can face when dealing with energy conservation and the only way to prevent the problem from escalating is with new attic insulation in Muskoka.

Science is a wonderful teacher and they produce reports and case studies all the time and one report that every homeowner should be aware is the study that indicates that heat loss through attics with no attic insulation in Muskoka results in a 40 per cent increase on energy bills.

Before you think all is lost and you can never wrangle your energy costs to the ground, science tells that a savings of 20 per cent can be found with new attic insulation in Muskoka.

To make money you need to invest money – so think of the investment in new attic insulation in Muskoka as a way to increase your bottom line. It is addition by subtraction when you install new attic insulation in Muskoka.

And the investment is a quick return when you install new attic insulation – the investment may take a year or two to recover, but after that, less money is spent on energy and it reduces your carbon footprint. The energy you save today is the planet you save tomorrow because you are expending fewer greenhouse gases when installing new attic insulation and reduces the effects of climate change.

Attic insulation in Muskoka, making a commitment to the future

  • We have gone over the cost savings and benefits to the environment that are prevalent when new attic insulation in Muskoka – but the long-term ramifications of new insulation haven't been mentioned. After the first couple of years of paying for the insulation through savings on energy bills, you will be paying yourself for saving energy. That’s right, paying yourself for being a good citizen – once the costs have been recovered, the savings are like found money and they roll over month after month, year after year.
  • Installation of insulation isn’t a Saturday afternoon DIY project; it is one that needs the services of a proven professional who has the expertise and experience to make the installation a valuable one. AM Roofing Solutions has quality installers who have years of experience working with insulation and fully aware of the details that must be fulfilled to complete the job successfully.
  • Attic insulation triggers a little know warranty for the shingles that cover your home. When the shingles are protected by a layer of insulation they will last much longer than an attic that is bereft of insulation. Insulation is the barrier that stops heat release to the shingles and the heat that is released can damage shingles quickly, quietly and without notice. Shingles will crack, curl and erode at the corners and when this happens they won't be able to serve their primary purpose and that is channeling water from the roof to the rain gutters.
  • To help spur conservation efforts in Ontario, the government has changed the building code to reflect the commitment they want all Ontarians to embrace. The new regulations mean that any retrofit for insulation needs to meet a minimum of R-20 value for insulation density. This is a great first step in the right direction, but the problem is not all of Ontario experiences the same climatic effects. Talk to our representative when purchasing insulation, because temperature, lifestyle, and energy use will affect the needs for insulation and those needs should be considered when seeking energy efficiency.
  • When you install insulation in your attic it becomes a case of out with the old and in with the new, blown-in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation. Before we get started with your energy-conservation project we will remove anything that is present in your attic. This is achieved through a vacuum-pump system that removes all the materials to provide a clean surface for the insulation.

We use only the industry’s best insulation when we retrofit your attic and it comes from the company that invented fibreglass insulation. Owens Corning is the only name in the insulation business – fiberglass was invented in their lab 70 years ago and they keep improving on an outstanding product every year. It is the best insulation as rated for energy efficiency, holds the density of the insulation the best and has up to 70 per cent recycled fibres.

We have partnered with Owens Corning for quite some time and they have certified our company as worthy of a great designation. We are rated as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for insulation materials and that accolade is the only one in the country.

Since the early 1950’s our company has been working to satisfy the needs of customers for roofing and insulation solutions and we have done it with the help of three generations of family. We take a simple approach to our tasks and that is we provide quality-workmanship for a fair price and we back our commitments with a 10-labour warranty.

For homeowners and cottage owners in Muskoka that want relief from high-energy costs, we are here to help relieve you of the milestone through conservation with insulation.

To move away from poor insulation and troubling roofing problems, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for answers the questions you have. To get a free estimate that comes with a free inspection and no-obligation meeting, call us today at. 1.877. 281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Muskoka

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