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Attic Insulation in Minett

Making a commitment to the environment that promises to leave it better than the way you found it is worthy goal that has huge ramifications if more could follow. In many homes, a lack of attic insulation in Minett is causing climate change and it is no accident. Studies and academic papers have been released that go into great detail about the affects of poor attic insulation in Minett have on the environment through excessive energy use. Homes lose 40 per cent of heat generated through poor or inadequate attic insulation in Minet. What that means is that homeowners are inadvertently contributing to greenhouse gas emission through the extra use of fossil fuels and that is the single greatest cause of climate. When new attic insulation in Minett is installed, a reduction in fossil fuel use leads to conservation and responsible use of resources. The experts tell us that there is a silver lining to this grey cloud in the form of savings that a reduction in fossil fuel use will provide through new attic insulation in Minett. The experts state that the savings attributed to the installation of new attic insulation in Minet can be as high as 30 per cent per year, but more conservative estimates state a savings of 20 per cent is more in line with estimates.

Either way, the incentive is there it reduce consumption through conservation that attic insulation Minet provides. When you are ready to upgrade your home with new attic insulation, all on us at AM Roofing Solutions for all your attic insulation needs. 

Attic insulation in Minet, a green dream becomes a reality

  • When you update your attic insulation in Minet, savings will come your way in the form a reduction in your energy bill. To make the project a reality a front-end investment needs to made and that shouldn’t scare off a homeowner when they find out that the costs are recovered in less than a couple of years.
  • When you are contemplating new attic insulation in Minet, look for a proven professional to handle the job. You don’t want to leave your financial security and energy conservation to just anybody, you want someone who is experienced and has done the work locally to test any references you require before you hire a contractor.
  • Shingle warranties are contingent on a professional installation for your attic insulation and the warranties have a great deal of value. The timeline for a warranty for shingles can be as long as 50-years, and the warranty is an item that can be included in any home sale during the warranty period. Shingles are sensitive to heat and stopping heat leaks will keep the shingles performing at peak efficiency. When they become exposed to excessive heat over a long period of time they will become damaged. A certified contractor has the experience and the ability to install the insulation in accordance with warranty requirements that will protect the home and the shingles.
  • In Ontario, there have been many changes in response to climate change and changes to the building code affect new attic insulation retrofits. The plan from the government is a minimum density rating for attic insulation retrofits in Ontario and that is fixed at R-20. Lifestyle, home size, and temperature will influence your decision and we can help determine your needs. After we meet to discuss your situation and make recommendations, you can easily request more insulation be installed and the savings will be achieved on future energy bills.
  • To install new blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation, any materials that are inhabiting the attic need to be taken away. We achieve this goal with an industrial-sized vacuum that make short work of any materials in the attic.

In order to achieve a successful attic retrofit you need a superior product to act as the anchor for the work. We are a disciple of Owens Corning and their EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation for the work we do. Corning are the masters of fibreglass insulation, they invented in 1930’s and refined it to the product it is today, the contractor’s choice for insulation.

We have shared a partnership with Owens Corning for many years and all the hard work we have done in the roofing and insulation industry has paid off with a certification from Owens Corning. They have certified us a Platinum Preferred Contractor for their materials and we hold the only certification in Canada.

In 60 years of service to the roofing and insulation industry, our company has been a leader in our approach to the work we do. We have put quality-workmanship and customer concerns over profits and it has served us well over six decades.

In the heart of cottage country, Minett is right in the middle of the Muskokas. When locals clamour for roofing and insulation for the industry’s best, they contact AM Roofing Solutions. For a free consultation that will come with a home inspection and estimate, call our toll-free line at 1.877.281.6900. 

Attic Insulation in Minett

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