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Attic Insulation in Lake Joseph

No one deliberately contributes to climate change, but inadvertently, homeowners are contributors to the problem and it happening right under their own roofs’. A lack of attic insulation in Lake Joseph is causing home to use fossil fuels unnecessarily to heat their homes. This problem – 40 per cent heat loss through the attic – is traced back to inadequate attic insulation in Lake Joseph and it is a province-wide problem. Major studies tabled and released by the scientific community have stated that poor attic insulation in Lake Joseph has had a detrimental effect on our environment and the only way to get a handle on the problem is to install new attic insulation. There are rewards for upgrading your attic insulation in Lake Joseph and it comes in the form of cost savings on heating bills. Part of the research paper’s summary detailed how a homeowner can reduce his expenses through conservation when attic insulation in Lake Joseph is installed in their homes’. The reduction in costs can be as high as 30 per cent per year, but most study conclusion’s state it is in the 20 per cent range per year, year over year.

To make the most of your heating dollars, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions, we have solutions to make the dream of new attic insulation in Lake Joseph a reality through a sound financial investment in your home.

Attic insulation in Lake Joseph, the green way

  • Installing new attic insulation in Lake Joseph has an upside to be sure, but what hasn’t been mentioned is the cost of the investment and how quickly it can be returned to the homeowner. By comparison, attic insulation in Lake Joseph is more economical than any other home renovation project that promises conservation through a reduction in fossil fuels. The cost recovery period for the investment is somewhere in the neighbourhood of two years or less.
  • For work as important as new attic insulation in lake Joseph it is important to choose you contractor wisely to gain all the benefits associated with attic insulation in Lake Joseph. The contractor must be certified for the work, have a local profile and provide references to be evaluated for veracity before work can start.
  • When you use a certified, professional contractor a special benefit will be enjoyed – a warranty for your shingles, up to 50-years long. The warranty comes into force when a certified professional install the insulation based on the experience and expertise for the installer to meet the criteria of the installation. Of note, the warranty can be used as a selling point if you sell your home in the warranty period.
  • New regulations have been written into the building code governing the installation of new attic insulation and those regulations call for a minimum of insulation to be installed. The new guidelines for attic insulation retrofits are leveled at R-20 density for all homes. What that doesn’t factor in is other conditions that will affect your decision. House size, temperatures and lifestyle will all have a part to play in the final analysis. We can help make the decision an easy one with our expert advice and is never a problem to add more insulation.
  • When you hire our company to install your attic insulation, you don’t need to hire another company to remove any debris in the attic. We have an industrial-sized vacuum for the procedure and it is part of our services before we install the blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation.

The insulation we use for your retrofit is Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink insulation, the best product available to satisfy your needs. Owens Corning invented and developed the product in the 1930’s, and more contractors than not use it for all their work. Fibreglass has the best density rating and the EcoTouch product is the greenest money can by at 73-per-cent recycled glass.

As the largest roofing supply and insulation manufacturer in North America, Owens Corning can pick and chose their business associates and they have chosen our company for an important certification. They have named us as a certified Platinum Preferred Contractor for their materials and that is one-of-a-kind certification in Canada.

Our company history dates back 60 years in length – and we owe our success to two things that have helped us stand out in the crowd of roofing companies in Ontario. We provide quality-workmanship and we put our customers needs first when we provide any roofing or insulation work, and our work stands the test of time.

Situated in the Muskoka Lakes district, Lake Joseph is summertime playground for cottagers and day-trippers alike. When the cottage or the home needs roofing work or new insulation, resident of Lake Joseph contact our company, AM Roofing Solutions. For a no cost consultation that comes with an estimate and free inspection call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Lake Joseph

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