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Attic Insulation in Honey Harbour

Home renovations projects that promise energy conservation come in all shapes and sizes and the potential costs reflect the level of involvement necessary to attain the advertised results. To obtain conservation goals with respect to your goals, new attic insulation in Honey Harbour has the potential reduce fossil fuel use, that creates greenhouse gases that drive climate change. What is driving the push to install new attic insulation in Honey Harbour is a total lack of attic insulation in Honey Harbour and that comes with costs that are completely unnecessary. Academic scholars who study energy efficiency have started many times that a lack of attic insulation in Honey Harbour is responsible for the high costs of home heating because 40 per cent of the heat generated is leaking through the attic. We aren’t going to wean ourselves off fossil fuels any time soon, so a push toward conservation is the only alternative and new attic insulation in Honey Harbour will help reduce your carbon footprint while providing a cost reduction for your household budget. The same scholars have duly noted that when attic insulation in Honey Harbour is installed, it produces year over year savings of 20-30-per-cent on energy bills.

We are the premier roofing and insulation company in Ontario, at AM Roofing Solutions we pride ourselves in helping our customers achieve energy conservation with new attic insulation in Honey Harbour through the plans we have created for them. When you want to make the switch to a fully insulated attic, we will be there for you to advise you on your personal energy conservation plan that requires new attic insulation.

Attic insulation in Honey Harbour, sailing into conservation

  • One phone call to AM Roofing Solutions can strip a major chunk of home energy bill from your budget when you install new attic insulation in Honey Harbour. Reports produced that detail the virtues of conservation advise the front-end cost of new attic insulation in Honey Harbour can be returned to the homeowner is less than two years. The same reports say that insulation is effective without the help of extra energy sources or devices to help it work.
  • A project like new attic insulation is in need of a contractor with experience to install it because energy efficiency shouldn’t be left to the unqualified. You want someone who has successfully installed insulation locally to provide the work and have the chance to review any references for work that the contractor will provide upon request.
  • Warranties are an important feature of any product or service and your shingles come with a warranty to provide protection for a homeowner. In order for any warranties for shingles to become active, a professional installation of insulation is absolutely necessary. The expertise that the contractor brings to the table will prevent heat leakage through your attic and in turn protect the shingles. Shingles aren’t capable of absorbing large amounts of heat on a constant basis and when they do damage occurs quickly. When a professional has successfully installed the insulation and the warranty is active - it can be in the 25-50-year range – it can be moved as part of any sale of the property if it is done during he warranty period.
  • Changes to the building code in Ontario have produced new density ratings for attic retrofits that come with a minimum for installed insulation. The government has announced that all retrofits will have an R-20 level of insulation, but that doesn’t take into account the diversity of house size, weather, or lifestyle as factors that will influence a decision. Our consultants have knowledge and experience to deal with these conditions to devise a plan to get your home up to code. After reviewing our plan, you feel that more insulation will serve your needs better, it never a bad decision to take to increase your savings with a denser layer of insulation.
  • Bringing in new Blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation means that we need to remove any debris that is in the attic first. We use a large vacuum to make the extraction before we add the blanket of protection for your home.

To achieve maximum savings and get the best blanket of protection for your home we use the best product available, Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink fiberglass insulation. EcoTouch is strong on density and is green in the fact is made up with 73-per-cent remanufactured glass and is the most popular insulation among installs coast to coast. Owens Corning is the Godfather of fiberglass; they created it in their lab in the 1930’s and have developed it into the go to product for the industry.

Owens Corning has dominated the roofing and insulation products industry for decades and they have issued our company a certification that carries a great deal of weight. We have been certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for all Owens Corning products and that is the only designation in Canada at this time.

Our company has developed a strong business foundation over 60 years of work and we can trace our success back to the quality of work we provide and three generations of family participation doing the work.

On Georgian Bay, in the inlet of Honey Harbour, residents know that AM Roofing Solutions is the only port for roofing or insulation storm. A free inspection and estimate are waiting for you when you call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Honey Harbour

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