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Attic Insulation in Gravenhurst

Things we can’t change, it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer, and energy costs are directly proportionate to use and the temperature outside. The price of energy is far and away outstripping the rise and fall of the thermometer and it takes a crafty homeowner to deal with the cost increases that energy retailers require. One meaningful project that will net a return for a homeowner is new attic insulation in Gravenhurst as means of combatting high prices for energy. Some might say that increasing expenses for a dubious project won’t provide the return the costs will incur, but they would be wrong. Attic insulation in Gravenhurst will help reduce the costs for energy through reduced use because little or no heat is escaping your home through the roof. With less than suitable attic insulation in Gravenhurst, you can count on your energy bill being at least 40 per cent north of where it should. That isn't speculation, it is a scientific fact based on research that has been conducted in energy use and when we use less energy it makes for a better planet. The big reveal in energy use is that prolonged, excessive energy use means we are abusing fossil fuels and the gases emitted from our homes contribute to harm for the planet through the release of greenhouse gases, the number one driver of climate change.

The payoff for the installation of new attic insulation in Gravenhurst comes with the reduction of energy use that represents savings on the monthly energy bill. You can save at least 20 per cent per year on your energy bill when you install new attic insulation in Gravenhurst and the savings more than finance the costs of the work.

AM Roofing Solutions has been providing excellent advice and retrofits for people who want to save money through the installation of new attic insulation in Gravenhurst that will keep them warm and provide cost certainty for their monthly budgets.

Attic insulation in Gravenhurst, use less energy

  • Attic insulation in Gravenhurst comes with many beneficial qualities that can translate into money back to a homeowner. The best part about new attic insulation in Gravenhurst is the quick return on investment and long-term the benefits that a quick turnaround can provide. In two years or less, your investment can be paid for through savings – and the 20 per cent per year savings compound year over year – a secure investment to say the least.
  • A key piece when installing new attic insulation in Gravenhurst is the installation. You can pay for the best product on the market but a poor installation means that you won’t get the benefits promised with your retrofit. At AM Roofing Solutions, our installers are highly regarded and a much sought after for their skills and expertise when installing insulation. Don’t leave this up to chance, make sure you use the best people to install the best products and that is what you get when you use our company for your attic upgrade.
  • We all love warranties; they protect us from sketchy products or poor workmanship when we purchase products or services for our homes. One warranty that is relatively unknown comes from the shingles manufacturer for the shingles that cover your home. When they are protected by insulation to stop heat from rising and permeating the shingles it increases the lifespan of the shingles. When shingles don’t have a level of protection from the heat that is emitted through your attic, they degrade – and fast. Cracks and curled shingles from heat loss through the attic mean water can penetrate the roofing system, leading to larger problems that can cost thousands.
  • As we adopt more environmentally friendly policies, it means changes across the entire spectrum of our lives and the provincial government has enacted changes designed to improve the quality of lives with the building code. Any attic retrofit will need an R-20 density rating to be considered within the code and that will help decrease the release of greenhouse gases. A one-size-fits-all policy needs some support due to the diverse climate Ontarians experience – so ask our representative how your area will affect your purchase – remember there is nothing wrong with adding more insulation to get your home to the point of energy efficiency.
  • To get new insulation installed, it is important to remove any old products that are present in the attic. Home improvement videos might tell you this is a step to skip because you can lay new insulation over old, but what you’re really doing is masking the problem. When we install new, blown-in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation we take a vacuum to the old product to provide a dedicated, clean surface that allows the new materials to do the work it was installed to do.

There are many companies that produce insulation, made from different materials, but the best company far and away is Owens Corning. Corning holds the distinction as the inventor of fibreglass that they adapted for insulation when they were experimenting in their lab over seven decades ago. When they make their product, they use at least 70 per cent recycled fibres that are strong on density and rated among the best for energy efficiency.

Our company has been using Corning products for decades and over the course of the relationship, Corning has deemed our company worthy of a certification that no other Canadian holds. We are certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for the products we use from Corning and we are proud to hold the certification.

Our company has over 60 years in our business and we take our responsibilities very seriously. To help us meet the challenges that our business brings, our family – three generations and counting – have stepped up to bring the expertise and elbow grease we need to make a project a thing of beauty.

Gravenhurst homeowners who want to reduce their energy bill and treat the environment kindly turn to use at AM Roofing Solutions. Contact us to discuss your goals for energy conservation and we will formulate a plan that is affordable, efficient and comes with a 10-year workmanship warranty when all is said and done.

To obtain a quote for work, call us today for a no-obligation consultation and free estimate at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Gravenhurst

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