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Attic Insulation in Dorset

 Environmental stewardship is a new phrase to the lexicon that is the English language but its’ meaning has never been more important. People from all walks of life have a role to play and homeowners need to redouble their efforts in the area of conservation. The problem at hand is a lack of attic insulation in Dorset, and that

is causing a problem that is easily avoided if adequate attic insulation in Dorset is installed. Countless studied released by experts in the field of energy conservation have stated emphatically that a lack of attic insulation in Dorset is responsible for 40 per cent more energy use in the home due to the lack of attic insulation in Dorset. Hot air rises, that is a scientific fact, and when there is lack of attic insulation in Dorset, that heat is lost through the roof. The greenhouse gas emissions are a primary driver of climate change and as a society we want to stop that problem dead in its’ tracks. In the summary of the studies released by the energy experts, savings of 20-30 per cent can be achieved with through the installation of attic insulation in Dorset and the reduced energy use will benefit the environment.

To reduce you energy bill and create conditions that will benefit the environment, contact our company, AM Roofing Solutions, to develop a plan to upgrade your attic insulation in Dorset and retrieve some of the money you have spent on exorbitant heating costs.

Attic insulation in Dorset, taking advantage of the opportunity

  • There is lots of upside to the installation of new attic insulation in Dorset and it comes in the form of reduced costs and environmental protections. When you retrofit your attic with new attic insulation in Dorset the costs are easily recovered in a short period of time when compared with other conservation projects. In a period of a couple of years, the price of the retrofit for new attic insulation is returned to the homeowner.
  • Working with a professional installer is the best way to produce positive results for any attic retrofit. The contractor you chose should be highly qualified for the work and have references to support his claims. It also helps if the contractor is local and his registration with the municipality can be checked before you engage the contractor for the work.
  • A certified contractor can meet all the challenges posed by a retrofit for attic insulation. Any details that may be missed by a less qualified installer will be conditions that a certified contractor can manage through even installation of insulation. It is imperative that the install is done correctly to prevent heat leaks. When shingles are under intense heat exposure they curl, crack and degrade. Stopping the heat is essential to protecting the shingles. When that happens, shingle warranties – that could as long as 50-years – become active and it is a selling point should you sell your home.
  • In Ontario, the government has developed polices to reverse the effect of climate change and the policy changes have crossed many ministries. One of the changes affects the building code and specifically new regulations for attic insulation in Ontario. The new regulations mean that any attic retrofits in Ontario must have a level of density that is at R-20 for all insulation installations. This is a positive move but it fails to address some facts that are present and will affect the amount of insulation you buy. House size, temperatures, and lifestyle will make the decision a careful one, but our experts can work out a plan to fit your needs. If the plan we construct for energy conservation is less than you think you require, it never hurts to add more insulation to your attic because the savings will come back in time.
  • Taking out attic insulation or any debris that may be in the attic is the first order of business before the new blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation is spread in your attic. We use a vacuum that has capacity to extract the old materials quickly and once they are gone we can proceed with the installation work.

Attic insulation comes in many forms from a number of different suppliers, but the best available insulation comes from Owens Corning. They make EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation that is the choice of many contractors across the province. It has the ability to maintain its’ R-value, is the greenest product available – 73-per-cent recycled glass – and fiberglass was the brainchild of Owens Corning back in the 1930’s.

We have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Owens Corning and through our business relationship we have demonstrated that we are a top-flight roofing and insulation company. They have certified out company with a Platinum Preferred Contractor designation and it is the only certification that has been issued in Canada to date.

In the 60 years we have been in business, our success has been predicated on our ability to produce quality work and a commitment to our customer’s needs has pushed our family into the stratosphere of provincial roofing companies.

In cottage country, Dorset residents will contact us at AM Roofing Solutions when they have roofing or insulation work that needs to be addressed. For a free consultation, estimate and home inspection call us today at 1.877.281.6900. 

Attic Insulation in Dorset

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