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We at AM Roofing Solutions have been in the roofing business since 1956, and we provide roofing solutions in the Muskoka area. We are a family-owned and operated roofing company that has eclipsed the competition through a commitment to excellence that is unparalleled in the roofing business. We offer roofing solutions that cross the entire spectrum of roofing needs. We have extensive experience with residential, commercial and industrial roofing solutions that are simply the best.

We provide a wide array of roofing services to protect your home that runs the gamut from roof maintenance, roof repair, to roof replacement. We have a great deal of experience working on sloped and flat roofs; we can address your deficiencies in attic insulation, replace eavestroughs and provide skylight installation. If the need arises, our dedicated team of roofing experts and technicians will come to your rescue when the need for emergency roofing services is necessary.

A functioning roofing system will shield your home from the elements and the best way to protect your roofing system is with regular maintenance. The expertise of our roofing technicians will administer a thorough internal and external roofing inspection and help devise a roofing maintenance plan to keep your roofing system working at 100 per cent.

The roof inspection has yielded negative results with trouble spots identified that require a repair. The technician will explain the nature of the problems and craft a roofing solution with the costs associated with the repair. The repair might be replacing a few shingles or the repair could be larger in magnitude depending on the damage below the shingle surface and whether it has spread across the entire roof.

When deciding whether to repair or replace your roof age is the key component. If the roof has aged, a replacement roof might be the best course of action to update the obsolete roofing system. We can provide suggestions to help you make a smart decision and replacing an old roof can save money in the long run over repairs in the short term. If your roof has been re-shingled, it will require a complete tear off right down to the decking to conform to regulatory building codes. At that time, the decking can be assed for damage and potential replacement if necessary.

When we install sloped roofing solutions in Muskoka we employ best industry practices that maximize the life of the material we use to prolong the roofing system’s life that protects our customer’s biggest investment, their home. Skimping on your roofing system will reduce the lifespan of your roof and cause costly repairs later.

Installation of commercial or industrial roofing solutions in Muskoka we use a rubber membrane that acts like a sheath over the structure of your roof. Depending on the application, we can use two different types of roofing solutions to cover your building. For smaller commercial jobs, we use a black rubber membrane that is coated with gravel ballast to assist with water run-off and for larger industrial roofing systems we use a white rubber membrane. The advantage of the white membrane is that it reflects sunlight and that helps reduce energy costs. The white membrane is attached to the surface with heat treatment that we are insured to perform the work.

With energy cost rising, heat loss from your attic could be as high as 40 per cent due to poor or insufficient insulation. If the attic has satisfactory insulation the outside temperature and the inside attic temperature should be the same. If that isn’t the case we can provide an insulation top up to get your attic to R50 when you have roof replaced. If all that is required is a top up, we can blow insulation into the attic through internal access to help lower those climbing energy costs.

An amenity like a skylight can add charm to your home with natural light and AM Roofing Solutions has the right skylight for all your illumination needs. We have installed skylights as an after fact add-on to a roof and we have installed skylights when installing a new roofing system. It is best to replace your skylight when you install a new roofing system because the caulking around the skylight is subject to the elements and experience shrinkage and that is the biggest cause of skylight leaks.

Torrential rains can batter a roof and it is absolutely necessary to have a fully functioning eavestrough to help run the water away from the roof and keep the foundation dry. AM Roofing Solutions can install eavestroughing for any building to complement the roofing system that is presently in place.

Has a hailstorm rained golf ball-sized ice chunks that have damaged your roof and you need help right away?

Your friends at AM Roofing Solutions have been providing emergency service to Muskoka and surrounding areas in a timely manner with the reliability that is second to none in the roofing industry.

Our Muskoka store is conveniently located at 2251 Hwy 11 south in Gravenhurst. Please visit our showroom or call us at 705.689.8688 to get the best roofing solution available in Muskoka. Our roofing experts would be happy to answer any questions and we provide a no obligation free estimate for all our customers.

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