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Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Woodstock

Has this ever happened to you: You have kids to get to soccer or hockey or any number of sports activities you have scheduled to balance their lives and you all pile into the car, you turn the key and nothing. Uncomfortable silence permeates the vehicle and everybody holds his or her collective breath’s as you try again, and nothing. Then a mad scramble ensues to get the kids another ride while you deal with a car that wont go. A call to a tow tuck and the local mechanic should solve the problem with a minor inconvenience. When problems occur around the home, we try to deal with them but he reality is we don’t have the expertise of the ability to make the repair or repairs. A problem with our roofing system can be a nightmare if not dealt with in a timely manner. A call to a professional certified roofing contractor in Woodstock is the first step to correcting the situation, and the call should be placed to AM Roofing Solutions. We have been working in oon business for many years and have great deal of expertise when dealing with the problems that can plague a roofing system. A homeowner can have a great deal of confidence when they contact us for a roofing solution due to our commitment to quality workmanship and experienced staff who will correct the problem the first time on budget.

Our qualifications:

  • In 1956, a Scottish immigrant, Harold Pearce took a chance on a start-up roofing business and it flourished. He arrived on Canadian shores in the early 1950’s as many did after WWII to start a new life and brought his trade and a desire to improve the quality of life for his family. In the six or so decades we have been an industry leader in the roofing business, we haven’t lost sight of our family values that dictate our business practices.  Our founder was so committed to quality workmanship that he made a promise to his customer base that he stood behind. Pearce provided a labour warranty that guaranteed all the work he and his crews performed and the workmanship warranty was for a 10-year period to provide the customer with a level of confidence that had never been seen in our business.
  • Through our efforts, a professional reputation as a company that is devoted to the customer experience has provided us plenty of attention. Owens Corning, and industry supplier of roofing materials has accredited us a PPC (Platinum Preferred Contractor) for all their products and that certification is unique as it is the first one awarded to a Canadian roofing company.
  • When you shop around for products or services a big part the decision-making process is a potential warranties and what they will cover. At AM Roofing, a 10-year labour guarantee given and if you buy Owens Corning material you can be eligible for a 50-year warranty for materials and it can be transferred should you sell your home.
  • Professional certified roofing contractors in Woodstock work in concert with regulatory bodies and meet the Ontario government’s guidelines for safety training. At AM Roofing, we have trained all our installers under he auspices of the OHSA, our satellite offices hold local registration for contractors, and we have insurance to protect our worker and customers too.

Fibreglass shingles are the most common roofing solution on the market and we use the best available. Owens Corning has been making shingles for over 70 years – they invented fiberglass – and their intimate knowledge has translated into a variety of shingles styles for your home’s roofing needs.

To obtain the best roofing solution means that you need to examine all types of materials to see what suits your particular situation. We have practical advice for all our customers and will provide all details involved for your choice of composite materials, fiberglass shingles, cedar products and slate when you address your roofing problem.    

As a professional certified roofing contractor in Woodstock we maintain a host of services to improve the quality of your roofing retrofit. Providing new attic insulation, fascia and eavestrough, and vents and soffits are all part of the total package when you shop for a roofing solution at AM.

Over the course of time in any business, you develop skills and abilities to work in a wider stratum of the business where you make your living. As we have grown so have our abilities to service many different types of businesses. In the past, our work has taken us to the industrial and commercial fields helping our business customers with the challenges of flat and sloped roofing systems when we provide roofing solutions. In the consumer sector, we have many years experience working with homeowners on houses that date back to the turn of the century to new construction and this is the area where we made our professional name.

In Woodstock, the only professional certified roofing contractor you need is us at AM Roofing. For a no-obligation visit and free inspection and roofing estimate, make a call to us today at 519.576.0555.

Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Woodstock

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