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Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Strathroy

Technology has been a boon for humanity, it has created many labour saving devices that we unheard of 20-30 years ago. Certainly, it is a great thing to be able to talk on a cell phone or surf the Internet, but the problem comes when our new technical devices require servicing for any problem they may be experiencing. It has created a whole new class of tradesmen and experts in their respective fields, but for the consumer if means locating a professional for any repairs that they may need. When we have problems around our homes, we contact a professional to come and assess the damage and prescribe a solution that will correct the problem. When we have a problem with our roofing system, we call a professional certified roofing contractor in Strathroy to come to our homes and determine the best course of action. When residents in Strathroy need a roofing contractor they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions based on reputation for quality workmanship and expertise when we provide a roofing solution. Making the right decision is the key to solving any problem and when we err in home repair decisions the consequences can have adverse effects on our pocketbooks. When you call us for a roofing solution you can be sure that will provide the best solution available based on experience and expertise and you can be sure the work will done right the first time.

Our qualifications:

  • Harold Pearce an immigrant from Scotland who brought his trade and dream when he came to Canada and founded our company in 1956. Over time, our business has developed into a family affair and we operate a four seasons roofing company that is a great Canadian success story. One of the first things Pearce did when he founded our company was to institute a warranty that made waves in our business. He created a 10-year workmanship warranty in the early days as his commitment to quality workmanship and the warranty continues to valide for all our work to this day.
  • In business, your reputation is worth its’ weight in gold and our reputation for quality work would fill an ocean. Over 60 years and counting we have provided quality workmanship with a high degree of expertise and that has provided us with a lot of attention. So much so, we have gained the trust of the largest roofing supply company in Canada, Owens Corning, and they have over seven decades supplying top-of-the-line materials to our industry. They have awarded us with a designation that is extremely rare in Canada we hold PPC (Platinum Preferred Contractor) certification for all their products.
  • In our business, like many businesses, warranties are a big part of the work that will be performed for your roofing solution. We offer our 10-year labour warranty for all our work and should you decide Owens Corning products are right for your roofing solution, you could receive a 50-year warranty for products depending what you buy.
  • Professional certified roofing contractors in Strathroy hold accreditation to set them apart from other companies that may not adhere to all the rules and regulations of our industry. Insurance is a big factor when determining who should apply your roofing solution, as is municipal registration as a contractor and safety training from the OHSA. We meet all the pre-qualifiers for professional certification and we can show valid registration when we come to your home as a testament of professionalism.

For the best fiberglass shingles money can buy, Owens Corning is the company that will supply the best product for any roofing solution in Strathroy. Owens Corning has many colours and styles in their inventory to choose from and all the choices will enhance the beauty of your home.

Professional certified roofing contractors in Strathroy would provide good advice when it comes time to choosing materials to solve your roofing problem. We can advise you on the best course of action and what materials will get you there. We have composite materials, fiberglass shingles, slate and cedar shingles and shakes that can be the difference between a quality-roofing solution and one that will not last.

In our tool kit of services we have worked in many different areas of the roofing business and out experience has served us well. Our expertise in the commercial and industrial sectors is well regarded as we have provided solutions for flat and sloped roofs in those sectors. The major thrust of our business continues to be residential roofing work and it is the bedrock of all the success we have enjoyed to date.

A professional certified roofing contractor in Strathroy can provide a host of services that can assist your roofing system function at peak efficiency and we provide many of them. If your roofing solution calls for soffits and vents to be installed, we provide that support. When we install a roofing solution, we often recommend that the eavestroughs and fascia be replaced to work with the new components of your roofing system, and we can install new attic insulation to protect the new shingles and keep your home protected from the elements.

When inhabitants on the shore of the Sydenham River need a professional certified roofing contractor in Strathroy, they identify us as the company for all their needs. For a no-obligation conversation and free estimate of your roofing system, we can be reached locally today at 519.668.1555. 

Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Strathroy

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