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Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in St. Thomas

Fact number one: windows made of glass are bound to break. Fact number two: there is no changing fact number one. When we have a pain in the glass, we call a glazer to repair any problems we may have with our windows, as most of us aren’t trained to swap out windows. Many repair projects around our homes are like that, just beyond our ability to create an effective solution. When we have a problem with our roof, we immediately call a professional certified roofing contractor in St. Thomas to address our roofing problems. The first and only call a homeowner in St. Thomas needs to make is to us, at AM Roofing Solutions, for all their roofing needs. When we realize we have a problem on our roof, we must resist the urge to climb the ladder and try to solve the problem ourselves. When the untrained attempt to solve a problem they aren’t equipped to deal with it usually ends up fraught with more problems and much higher costs than using a professional in the first place. Using us at AM Roofing will inspire confidence because we have six decades supplying solutions that are built to last and meet all industry standards.

Our qualifications:

  • Harold Pearce founded our company in 1956. Pearce was a recent immigrant from Scotland and he came to this country with his trade and dream for himself and his family. Over the course of time the company grew and our family took to the ladders to help with the work through all four seasons. Pearce was a bit of maverick in the roofing business at the time company was founded, he created a warranty that was revolutionary – 10-years long - in our business and it was his commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • With our long history in our business, we become an industry leader in roofing solutions and our commitment to quality-workmanship and expertise has been acknowledged. Owens Corning, a roofing supply company that has 70 years as a quality material provider, has recognized our achievements and provided us with a prestigious certification. We are certified as PPC (Platinum Preferred Contractor) for all Owens Corning products and we hold the only certification in Canada.
  • Warranties play a big part of any business or service provider and the roofing company has warranties for all their work and products. Our 10-year workmanship warranty is a staple of our business and Owens Corning provides a 50-year materials warranty depending on the products you purchase.
  • Professional certified roofing contractors in St. Thomas carry credentials to verify their professional accreditation. We are licensed as a roofing contractor in locations we work in, we valid insurance, and all our installers are certified under the OHSA for all activities they conduct when applying a roofing solution.     

When you purchase fiberglass shingles for your roofing solution, you will be buying Owens Corning products because they are the best the industry has to offer.

When we propose solutions, the price should be the last consideration. The first consideration should be how the materials we will use to complete solution and how they will protect your roofing system. We have composite materials, fiberglass shingles, slate and cedar shingles and shakes as options for your personal roofing solution that will stand up to nature’s ravages.

As a top down roofing contractor we can do many things to help protect your home. We install attic insulation, vents and soffits, and eavestrough and fascia to provide a full-service solution for your roofing problems.

Our background goes far and wide in the roofing business; we have provided solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors on flat and sloped roofs. Our professional reputation was established in the residential roofing business where we have provided solutions for homes of all ages and designs.

Residents of Elgin County know whom to trust when they need a professional certified roofing contractor in St. Thomas they meet with us at AM Roofing. For a no-obligation discussion and free inspection, call us today at 1.519.668.1555.

Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in St. Thomas

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