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Roofing Company in Watford

The decision to have a roof replacement, or attic insulation replacement completed by a roofing company in Watford, can be a stressful one. Your home is one your most important investments, and any upgrade to its roofing system, is one of the costliest home renovations you will have to make. This makes it incredibly important for you to choose the right roofing company in Watford. AM Roofing Solutions is a leader in the roofing industry, and has just over 6 decades worth of quality roofing experience under their belts. AM Roofing Solutions has been able to remain the premium roofing company in Watford, for so long, due to their commitment to use only quality roofing products, and their policy to hire only the most skilled, and experienced roofing professionals. This roofing Company in Watford is Better Business Bureau accredited, WSIB insured, and possesses adequate liability insurance. If you are looking for a quality, and highly warrantied, roof renovation job well done, contact AM Roofing Solutions at your earliest convenience.

This Roofing Company in Watford Offers the Following Services:

  • Roof Replacement

If you suspect that your home may be in need of a quality roof replacement, be sure to contact an established roofing company in Watford, for a free quote, and complimentary roof inspection, and thermal attic inspection. AM Roofing Solutions, is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, and as such is able to offer valuable manufacturer warranties. Their commitment to quality workmanship also allows for this roofing company in Watford to confidently offer a 10yr workmanship warranty on every roof replacement completed. From flat roofing, to shingle roofing, available in an array of roofing techniques and roofing materials, AM Roofing Solutions has your quality roof replacement covered.

  • Attic Insulation

Having the proper amount of attic insulation is the easiest, and most cost-effective way to cut down on your seasonal heating, and cooling, costs. A significant amount of heat, and cool air, is lost through your roof. This is also a direct result of inadequate attic insulation levels. The current standard for attic insulation depth is 22inches, or R60 on the R rating scale, though many homes are well below that, and its costing you. This roofing company in Watford can provide a complimentary, thermal attic inspection, to help determine the exact needs of your attic space. Whether your home is in need of a full attic insulation replacement, including a complete attic insulation removal, or would benefit more from an attic insulation top up program, this certified roofing company in Watford, can help to rectify any, and all, of your attic insulation needs.

  • Roof maintenance and Repair

Having to consistently have your roofing system repaired, due to leaks or improperly installed shingles, can become a very costly endeavour over time. A much more cost effective way to ensure your roof performs as expected, cut down on these roof repairs, and to help extend the life span of your roofing system, is to hire a qualified roofing company in Watford to provide your home with the regular roof maintenance is requires. AM Roofing Solutions, and the roof maintenance specialists they employ are capable of, providing both, competent roof repairs, and quality roof maintenance services, on roofing systems of any size, slop, or material. Don’t neglect your roofing system any longer, call this roofing company in Watford, today.

  • Eaves Trough

If your eaves trough system is damaged, or in need of replacement due to deterioration caused by age, this roofing company in Watford can help. It is important that there is no delay, in having your eaves trough repaired, or replaced, after the first sign of trouble. If your home is left without the proper protection, you run the risk of water, caused by heavy rains, or snow melts, causing extensive flooding damage in your basement, ruining your landscaping, or possible causing mold growth behind your siding. If you have noticed any deficiencies in or around your eaves trough system, like soffit rot, leaks, or any separation of trough and soffit, it would be wise to have a full-service roofing company in Watford perform an in-depth eaves trough inspection, in order to determine, your homes exact needs. AM Roofing Solutions, will help you choose the perfect water control system, to suit your individual needs. Every trough system is manufactured on site, using a seamless aluminum material. This ensures a leak free design, upon installation.

Do not entrust your roofing renovation to just any roofing company in Watford, ensure that any roofing company in Watford that you consider, possesses all of the necessary certifications and insurances. These roofing companies in Watford should also be able to provide an extensive reference list, and it would be beneficial for them to be BBB Accredited. As far as insurance goes, every roofing company in Watford must possess adequate liability insurance. Any amount above 1million dollars, should suffice. WSIB coverage, is another mandatory insurance for every roofing professional, including those who subcontract. This insurance helps to compensate any roofing tradespeople who have been injured while on the job. Demand proof of these insurances, if your request is refused, walk away immediately. All roofing companies in Watford should also ensure that every roofing professional they employ, who is required to work above 3meters in height, is provided with the mandatory fall prevention training, known as Working at Heights training. This safety course should be provided by an accredited source. Far more than your peace of mind is at stake, do your research prior to any home renovation.

Watford, Ontario is a small village located within Warwick Township, in Lambton County. Watford is home to a few clean parks and natural spaces, including the scenic Sunken Garden, which are a popular tourist and wedding photo destination. Watford also boasts a few small arenas and community centers for it proud and local, residents to enjoy. If you’re looking for a small community feel, close to the city, Watford Village, may be the place for you.

For a complimentary attic, and roof inspection, contact AM Roofing Solutions today. Toll free 1-877-281-6900

Roofing Company in Watford


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