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Roofing Company in Grand Bend

Out of all of the upgrades and renovations you can have done on your home, a roof replacement tends to be one of the most significant and the costliest. Depending on the roofing company in Grand Bend that you choose, this upgrade can either add significant value to your home, or reduce it dramatically. Ensuring that the roofing company in Grand Bend that you hire, is both established and reputable, is the only way to be certain that you will receive the quality of roofing service that you have been promised. At AM Roofing Solutions, we take great pride in our ability to provide our valuable customers with the quality roofing services that they deserve. Since our inception in 1956, this roofing company in Grand Bend, has been family owned and operated, and we continue to be leaders in the roofing industry. Our commitment to using premium roofing products, and hiring only experienced roofing tradespeople, has led us to be named an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. We are the first and only roofing company in Canada to have been given this distinction, and due to our close relationship with this leading manufacturer of quality roofing products, are able to offer our customers the best manufacturer warranties in the business. As a full-service roofing company in Grand Bend we offer a variety of roofing system replacement services, including attic insulation replacements, eaves trough replacements, roof repairs and roof replacements, as well as, roof maintenance services.

The Services Offered by This Roofing Company in Grand Bend Are:

  • Roof Replacement

In order to receive a quality roof replacement for your home, or business, you must hire a quality roofing company in Grand Bend. At AM Roofing Solutions, we are pleased to offer a variety of premium roof replacement products, and services. We understand that roof replacements can be quite costly, and in todays financial climate, it can be difficult to save for one. And in the case of an emergency, the thought of throwing and exuberant amount of money towards a roof replacement can be stressful. This is why we, at this roofing company in Grand Bend, offer our customers a variety of financial options designed to fit any budget. Our competent roofing professionals ensure that every roof replacement is done with care and precision, leaving you with a functional, and attractive roofing system, every time. From flat roofing, to sloped shingle roofing, AM Roofing Solutions will provide you and your home with the premium roof replacement that you deserve.

  • Attic Insulation

Having an adequate amount of attic insulation in your home is important in ensuring that your roofing system can last as long as it should, and contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of your home. A tremendous amount of the heat loss in your home is through your roof, and is directly related to the depth of attic insulation, and the amount of ventilation in your attic space.  The recommended depth for attic insulation is now 22inches, or R60 as its generally known. Too many homes, both old and new, suffer from a severe lack of attic insulation, the newer homes can generally benefit from our attic insulation top up program, where older homes are usually in need of a full attic insulation replacement. At AM Roofing Solutions, we can provide a clean and efficient attic insulation removal, as well. Ensuring that your living space stays pristine, and the air you breathe is kept without indoor pollutants. Start saving on your heating and cooling costs, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions today for a free attic inspection.

  • Roof Maintenance and Repair

The weather in southern Ontario is often dramatic, and we can sometimes experience multiple seasons in one day. This swing in temperature and precipitation takes a toll on everything left to endure it, your roofing system included. In order to ensure that your roofing system can continue to perform efficiently, and without interruption, your home needs to be provided with regular roof maintenance. Snow and ice removal, trough cleaning, and re caulking of nail heads and flashings, are only some of the services that this roofing company in Grand Bend can assist you with. When left with little to no roof maintenance, it is almost guaranteed that your roof with break down way before its expiration date. This can also lead to large and costly roof repairs. And roof repairs, large or small, should be taken care of in a timely manner, in order to prevent any damage to the inside of your home, and the need for a complete roof replacement. Our competent roofing professionals are on hand to help you with all of your roof maintenance, or roof repair needs.

  • Eavestrough

As a homeowner, it is important that you do not underestimate the importance of a properly functioning eaves trough system. When working as expected, this drainage system prevents the water that runs from your roof, caused by heavy rain and snowmelts, from seeping behind your siding, and pooling around your home. If your eaves trough is leaking, cracked, or separating from the soffit, you should be contacting a reputable roofing company in Grand Bend immediately, for a comprehensive inspection of your trough, soffit and fascia. AM Roofing Solutions can provide quality eaves trough services, including eaves trough replacement, and eaves trough repairs. Every eaves trough replacement is created on site to prevent shipping damage, is made from a premium aluminum material, and is available in a variety of standard colours ensuring a perfect match and fit.

When searching for a quality contractor to upgrade any aspect of your roofing system, it is important for the homeowner to educate themselves on what types of certifications, and insurances are required. The roofing industry does not have one governing body, and as such, it is quite easy for inexperienced ‘roofers’ to parade themselves around as experts. As a responsible consumer, it is up to you to do your research, ask the right questions, and weed out the trash. Every reputable roofing company in Grand Bend will have, a sufficient amount, of Liability Insurance and will ensure that every employee, including those who subcontract, will possess the necessary WSIB coverage. AM Roofing Solutions holds, at minimum, a 5million dollar insurance policy, guaranteeing the homeowner will not be held accountable should there be damage caused as a result of their roofing upgrade. Also, any roofing tradesperson without proper WSIB coverage is not allowed to work for this roofing company in Grand bend. On top of those mandatory insurances, every roofing professional who may work at heights of over 3meters, must complete, Working at Heights, or fall prevention, training. This training should be provided by an accredited source. Proof of these documents should be provided upon request, prior to the signing of any contract.

The community of Grand Bend, sits on the pristine shores of Lake Huron, in the Municipality of Lambton Shores. This clean and safe stretch of family friendly beach, draws crowds from around the province from spring to fall. Known for its incredible sunsets, plentiful farmers’ markets, and surrounded by quaint towns worth exploring, there are no shortage of reasons to visit Grand Bend, no matter the season. 

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Roofing Company in Grand Bend



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