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Roof Replacement in Watford

The community of Watford took its’ foundation from the railway, like many other communities in southwestern Ontario in the early 1850’s and it thrived as a centre of trade and commerce. In the late 1880’s the town was essential burned to the ground during a Guy Fawkes celebration and start the slow process of rebuilding the town. Now, the community sees a balanced economy with forestry, agriculture and light industry as the mainstays that keep the populace gainfully employed. When the homeowners of Watford need a roof replacement in Watford they contact AM Roofing Solutions, to provide the essential services they need to protect their homes.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we pride ourselves in our workmanship for every roof replacement in Watford that we provide and we couldn’t do it without quality staff. Any roof replacement in Watford that is performed by our company uses only the best technicians available who have years of experience and a great deal of roofing expertise.

To achieve the goal of a quality roof replacement in Watford, it is important to screen perspective contractors to get a sense of their abilities and whether they are a professional roofing company or one that works seasonally.

When you begin your search, start with local companies to get a sense of the talent available and you can ask detailed questions that will help filter the out the companies that don’t measure up.

Once a local candidate for your roof replacement in Watford has been identified, some pre-qualifying questions can be posed. Local contractors have done local work and local references so don’t hesitate to ask for references right off the bat. If you get an affirmative response from the contractor, you can vet his claims with his previous customer. It is important to build confidence in this manner, as you want a fully qualified contractor to deliver your roof replacement in Watford to protect your home. 

For many homeowners it is important that the contractor be licensed and hold insurance to provide a roof replacement in Watford to establish the contractor’s legitimacy for the work at hand. 

When contracting for a roof replacement in Watford, you should know if the contractor would provide his own crew or hire out through a sub contractor. You want to shy away from any sub contracting arrangements because problems could arise that could be difficult to solve if the crew isn’t the contractor’s own.

For any roof replacement in Watford there should warranties for the work and the materials. If the contractor doesn’t offer a warranty for work performed for roof replacement in Watford it should raise red flags. Conversely, shingle warranties from suppliers are at least five years long and in many cases longer, so you should be aware of the warranty situation before you commence your roof replacement in Watford.

All contractors offer some type of written estimate to when they come to your home to assess the work necessary to complete your roofing work. Beware of the contractor who doesn’t as it opens a homeowner up to costs that weren’t discussed and the responsibility for the costs rests on the shoulders of the homeowner.

Our company has many years demonstrating our credentials to local customers and we always meet the criteria for a strong foundation in the initial phase of discussions for any roofing work you may need. After more than 60 years in the roofing trade, we are a company you can trust and our three-generations of family in our business will assure your confidence is well placed. Our 10-year warranty is the pinnacle of warranties in our business and it our signal to our customers that our work is worth the price.

There are signs that roof is in need of tender loving care and a few of the more obvious signals are damaged shingles, water marks inside your attic or down the side of your home, or an eavestrough system that isn’t moving water. When you have made arrangements with us to visit your home, our consultant will decipher the problems based on the symptoms and provide a solid explanation for the work required and written estimate after the inspection.  

As part of our inspection service, our staff member will look into your attic to determine if you have enough attic insulation to protect your roof system. Insulation keeps heat in, but it also protects shingles from over exposure to unnecessary heat and it extends the life of the shingles when properly protected.

We carry a number of quality products to use for roof covering and they range from composite to asphalt shingles, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal sheets to protect your home in many different colours.

For your home inspection that comes with a no-obligation meeting and estimate, contact us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Watford

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