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Roof Replacement in Tillsonburg

The town of Tillsonburg was established in the 1850’s and say its’ economic base in the forestry and agriculture industries, as many early communities in southern Ontario had. The town boasts a historical charm and it is at a cross section with new development that industrialization has brought the town. Any home can require a roof replacement in Tillsonburg at some point in time, and when those roofs need to be replaced, AM Roofing Solutions is standing on guard for local residents.

We are the logical choice for a contractor for a roof replacement in Tillsonburg because we best positioned to be your contractor du jour. Our reputation is unprecedented in the roofing industry, the quality of our work for a roof replacement in Tillsonburg is second to none and our staff complement is the best available anywhere. Our choice of materials for your roof replacement in Tillsonburg is the best in the marketplace – we don’t use industry seconds nor do we use materials that are unknown in the market either.

To set the table for a successful roof replacement in Tillsonburg you need a plan to hire a contractor that will be able to meet all the deliverables associated with the job. Primarily, you want a local contractor for your roof replacement in Tillsonburg because you can check his previous work and determine if it is up to the level of quality that you are searching for. Two administrative details that will set contractors apart are municipal licensing and insurance. If the contractor has both items and can provide verification of such you can rest easily up to a point. Next item on tap for research is sub contracting, it is more than important that the contractor you choose does their own work s it prevents problems later if things go wrong. Two key details for any roof replacement in Tillsonburg revolve around warranties. The first warranty is for contractor workmanship and the second warranty is for materials. If either warranty is for a short period of time for your roof replacement in Tillsonburg, you may want to shy away from that contractor because he doesn’t believe in his work or his materials to the extent that he can guarantee anything beyond now for your roof replacement in Tillsonburg. Finally, the written estimate is an most important detail for your roof replacement in Tillsonburg as it provides cost certainty for the job and you are protected from any cost overruns that may occur.

When all the boxes are checked you will find that AM Roofing Solutions is the most qualified to provide the work you require to radiate your roofing system and return it to pristine condition. Our company has been in existence for over 60 years and we have been stabilized by three-generations of family to provide work that we gladly sign our names to when the job is complete.

Once we have completed the work as contracted, we have an added bonus for the homeowner, namely a 10-year warranty for the work we have provided as a demonstration of expertise and professionalism in our trade.

You made the right choice and hired AM Roofing Solutions for your work we will send out one of highly qualified consultants to examine your roofing system for flaws and damage. If you have noticed problems with your shingles, water stains inside your attic, or eavestrough isn’t moving water in the manner they were built to, you know you have a problem. Our consultant will detect the problems and when the inspection is complete he will describe in detail what is wrong and how to fix it and provide a written estimate with all the cost broken down for you to see.

Another point that you should consider when applying a roof replacement is the condition of the attic insulation and whether you have enough insulation in your attic. Insulation not only keeps heat in, it prevents it from rising through the static to the shingles. When heat hits the shingles it will destroy them quickly and it can cause bigger problems for your system if left unattended.
When you think in terms of the covering you want for your roof, we can provide a variety of choices to protect your home. We have composite materials and asphalt shingles, we have two different kinds of cedar (shakes and shingles) and if a metal solution is what you seek; we can apply it for you too.

Make a call to us today at AM Roofing Solutions for a free visit and inspection of your roofing system at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Tillsonburg


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