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Roof Replacement in Shedden

The community of Shedden is home to the Rosy Rhubarb Festival and is known the Rhubarb Capital of Ontario for the succulent semi-sweet fruit that is used for many types of desserts that is an acquired taste.

When community members who create gastronomic delights with rhubarb need a roof replacement in Shedden they ask us at AM Roofing Solutions to take up the cause. At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been providing quality-services that find its’ bedrock in top-quality materials that are installed by the best roofing technicians in the area for a roof replacement in Shedden.  

Wanting a roof replacement in Shedden and hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in Shedden is the difference between thought and action. To hire a contractor, you want to devise a modus operandi to bring the project to a logical conclusion. A local contractor is the best choice for a roof replacement in Shedden as it provides a chance to shed the light of critical analysis on any previous work that can be judged for value.

The next consideration up for review when you hire a contractor for a roof replacement in Shedden is one of registration. The contractor will need to hold insurance and some type of municipal licensing to provide a roof replacement in Shedden and can show proof of each item when requested.

Warranties play a critical role when you are discussing your potential roof replacement in Shedden with a contractor. Two warranties should come with any roof replacement in Shedden – one for the materials and the other for the work that the contractor provides. Both warranties should have minimum shelf life of five years and the contractor should explain any conditions that are associated with the warranties before your roof replacement in Shedden begins.

Another valid point that requires clarification before the work begins is who will do it, does the contractor employ his own team or does he uses the services of a third party for roof replacement. You need to clarify this point in case more work is required after the fact, because the contractor may not be responsible for the third party work after the fact, leaving a homeowner to clean up the mess.

Finally, the contractor up for evaluation will have a written estimate ready at the conclusion of the consultation as a demonstration of good faith and to secure the price for the homeowner. If it’s not written down, it isn’t valid and recourse becomes a problem without the estimate.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we meet the conditions that separates full-service roofing companies from a seasonal installers and for the past 60 years our word has been our bond. Securing the bond is three generations of family that have put in the time and elbow grease to secure any homeowner’s roofing system form the elements. A 10-year warranty comes with every roof replacement we provide and doesn’t come with any costs that are associated with an extended warranty

When people look at their roof they see shingles and not much else. Not every homeowner climbs a ladder to take stock of his roofing system so, in general, most may not recognize roofing problems right away. If you notice that your shingles have rounded corners or are flapping in the wind, you know you have a problem. If your eavestrough leaks or has puddles at the base of the downspout, you know you have a problem. Water leaks or drafts in your attic, you know you have a problem.

Conferring with us at AM Roofing Solutions will have an experienced service tech come to your residence for an inspection to look into the problems that are plaguing your roofing system. After a thorough examination, our service tech will provide all the information you need to understand the problems and have solutions to address the problems. A written estimate will accompany his presentation that will determine costs and responsibilities of both parties.

Just for safety’s sake, we like to inspect your attic too to see what in the way of attic insulation may be present and whether it is working as designed. Adequate attic insulation is the insurance policy for your shingles because it blocks heat from radiating from the attic to the shingles. Heat will reduce shingles to cracked crumbs if left to do so and proper attic insulation will help secure the life span of the shingles.

To top the roof replacement off, new shingles will need to be chosen for the roof. We carry composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal roofing products to cover your home.

To get you roof replacement started; call AM Roofing Solutions today for free estimate and no cost consultation at 1.877.281.6900.    

Roof Replacement in Shedden

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