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Roof Replacement in Sarnia

The city of Sarnia, located on the St. Clair River, has a rich historical tapestry that dates back over 10,000 years. Native communities inhabited the land around Sarnia and artifacts from Walpole Island demonstrate an advanced culture that led to the development of a trading community that lasted until the French and British explored the area in the early 1700’s. Sarnia blossomed as a community when inter-lake shipping became a going concern and the area developed economically. Many heritage sites remain as a testament to history and some homes from that period still stand. When the residents of Sarnia need a roof replacement in Sarnia they can count of AM Roofing Solutions to provide the know-how and expertise to get the job done. We believe that quality workmanship and materials are the best course of action when installing a roof replacement in Sarnia and all of our installers have years experience working with many different types of roofing systems.

When developing a plan for a roof replacement in Sarnia a number of items will need to be addressed to make sure the best roof replacement in Sarnia is procured from the best possible contractor. When reviewing potential contractors, it would be prudent to ask a few questions that will help build confidence and trust with a company that you about to give thousands of dollars to for a roof replacement in Sarnia. A reputable company will hold a municipal license for contracting work in their community and all contractors are happy to demonstrate that they are licensed. Generally, a local contractor should provide a roof replacement in Sarnia as it gives perspective buyers a chance to review previous work and talk to other customers to get a feel for how their roof replacement in Sarnia went and if they were satisfied with the work.

Insurance is another piece of the puzzle for a roof replacement in Sarnia, accidents can happen at any time and a homeowner needs to be protected from any liability that could be caused by a roof replacement in Sarnia.

Many contractors will provide a warranty for a roof replacement in Sarnia and it generally runs one to three years in length, but don’t take a warranty for granted as some companies have been known to charge for such a service that they provide when they install a roof replacement in Sarnia.

Once the minor details have been ironed out for a roof replacement in Sarnia, a written estimate that details all costs and other items associated with a roof replacement in Sarnia is a must. The written estimate acts an insurance policy for your roof replacement in Sarnia as it protects you from unforeseen costs that could arise during your roof replacement in Sarnia.

After a thorough investigation has been completed and a choice has been made for a roof replacement in Sarnia, AM Roofing Solutions will be the default choice for a roof replacement in Sarnia. Our four-season, three-generation roofing company, with over 60 years experience, will meet all the challenges of a roof replacement in Sarnia and exceed expectations when applying the new roofing system. We are so confident in out ability to provide a quality roof replacement in Sarnia we provide a 10-year workmanship warranty at no charge as a demonstration of commitment to excellence.

When we come to your home to inspect your roofing system for a roof replacement in Sarnia we will look at all areas of your roofing system to determine what needs to be done, how we will do and why it is necessary. After our expert consultant tallies all the details he will explain the situation in easy to understand language that will build confidence and trust.

The first thing we will look at is the condition of shingles. If they are cracked, curling or missing it could be the cause of potential damage to the fascia or other items related to the roofing system. Also, leaks in the shingles could be a hazard to the underlay and decking that support the roofing system because water that isn’t run off the roof will drain somewhere and that is to the underside of the roofing system. Once the shingles have been inspected a look into the attic will be required to determine if there is insulation, if there is no insulation or inadequate insulation we will increase the R-value to protect the shingles from unwanted heat release that will decay shingles prematurely.

When you choose the exterior coating for you roofing system there a few different options for your roof replacement in Sarnia. Standard shingles come in two different types, asphalt and organic, that comes in a number of different colours to match the exterior colour of your home. For those who feel cedar shingles or shakes are the way to go for their roof replacement in Sarnia, we can provide a roof replacement in Sarnia that give a rustic feel to your roofing system. If shingles aren’t the way to go for your roof replacement in Sarnia, we have many years working with metal roofing covers that are durable and cost effective to match any budget.

For a no obligation consultation and free estimate for your roofing system call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Replacement in Sarnia

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