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Roof Replacement in Port Stanley

Port Stanley was one of the first Canadian settlements to operate cross border trade with the USA, when a ferry service was commissioned in the 1830’s between Port Stanley and Buffalo, NY. The two communities traded coal and lumber back and forth across Lake Erie until the railroad became a dominant transportation system for goods and services. Now the port sits almost dormant from it’ glory days as the hub of trade and commerce that have faded from memory that now hosts a few fishing boats that call ‘Port’ home.

When residents cast a line in the water for a roof replacement in Port Stanley they know AM Roofing Solutions. will bite on what ever bait is presented. We provide trophy- type roof replacement in Port Stanley because we use excellent materials and we have the best installers in the region to install your roof replacement in Port Stanley.

Like any angler, it helps to know the water you are fishing in and it goes without saying that you should know the waters when you hire a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Port Stanley. It doesn’t take fancy lures or live bait to draw a contractor to your roof replacement in Port Stanley, but it does take some knowledge that can be developed with some questions.

A local presence will help develop an air of confidence because you can vet any previous roof replacement in Port Stanley with an eye for detail and quality when you examine any work provided for a reference.

True professionals will adhere to all bureaucratic requirements in area of licensing and insurance for a roof replacement in Port Stanley and should be able to show proof of insurance and municipal licensing when requested.

Staffing for your roof replacement in Port Stanley is as important as any detail on the checklist and you want to know if the contractor who has answered your call will use his crew of a sub contractor. Contractors who use their own crews are detail oriented and they will be available should something go wrong after your roof is installed.

When you have a roof replacement in Port Stanley you can expect that the installer will produce a warranty to cover his labour and the supplier will add a warranty for the materials used. Labour warranties start at five years and most material warranties are a minimum 10-years – if you aren’t getting that kind of protection another installer might be under consideration.

As part to the expectation with warranties a written estimate should be included for a roof replacement in Port Stanley. The written estimate is the guarantee you need for the project – any home renovation project can be expensive and you don’t need any surprises when it comes time to settle up.

Using us at AM Roofing Solutions, you can rely on the fact that we meet all the criteria to provide a successful roof replacement and have years of experience in our trade. For the past 60 years out company has developed a sterling reputation in the roofing business, and our three generations of family take pride in our accomplishments to date. After we have completed your roof replacement, we will provide a 10-year workmanship warranty for the work we have provided as testament to our abilities.

Needing a new roof is one thing, but identifying the problems that cause roofing work are entirely another. Shingles can crack and curl, leaks can develop and eavestrough can become blocked, when those things happen your roof is in trouble.

After contact with us, we send an inspector out for visual look-see to find the problems that are plaguing your roofing system. The inspector will examine the trouble spots and form a plan that he will explain and produce a written estimate in support of his conclusions.

As part of our services, we will inspect your attic to deduce whether you have enough attic insulation in your home. Insulation provides many benefits for the homeowner, but the biggest by far is the protection it provides your shingles. When shingles feel the release of heat through the attic they become brittle and will break. When that happens it hurts the roofing system because water can penetrate the decking and rafters and that means a large financial outlay to repair either component, so it pays to have proper insulation.

To complete the roof replacement, shingles need to be tacked on to the decking and we have a number of different styles and colours for your selection. Composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal roofing product are available at economical price points for a homeowner.

To protect your home, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions for a no-obligation inspection and free estimate at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Port Stanley

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