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Roof Replacement in Petrolia

Petrolia holds the distinction as the home of the oil industry in North America. Back in the 1850’s a local resident was experimenting the tar he found around the town and through a distillation process he began to discover black gold in small quantities. After a few experiments, the local man began digging a well and in a shallow hole he hit a ‘gusher’ sparking the oil drilling industry in 1858.

When the local ‘roughnecks’ need a roof replacement in Petrolia, they contact our company AM Roofing Solutions to secure their homes. Our stock and trade for any roof replacement in Petrolia is based on excellent workmanship provided by the best technicians in the area.

When you need a roof replacement in Petrolia, there are two ways you can go. Hire a professional contractor with many years experience or hire someone with a truck and logo. You may want to avoid the truck and logo for your roof replacement in Petrolia, as you may not know what you are getting. The best way to determine if the contractor you are evaluating for your roof replacement in Petrolia is the one for you is to ask a series of questions that will help validate the skills of the contractor.

The contractor should be local to the area as the reasons are self-evident. You want to be able to review any previous work the contractor has done and if the he has a reference for a previous roof replacement in Petrolia as a means of verifications of skills.

Most professional contractors carry insurance and municipal registration to demonstrate they are above board – don’t think twice about asking for registration numbers or the name of the company that holds the insurance for the contractor. All contractors will gladly identify these details for a homeowner to establish their credentials in the industry.

Many roofing companies will use their own crews when they provide a roof replacement in Petrolia, but don’t rely on it, ask them if they use sub-contracting crews.

Determine what is any warranties will come with the contractor’s work for roof replacement in Petrolia and what the duration is. If the workmanship warranty – provided by the contractor – is for a short-term, it means the contractor has little confidence in his work and should be avoided. Shingle warranties are for a minimum of 10-years and you should what the warranty for the materials before you sign to purchase any products for your roof replacement in Petrolia.

The last item of significance for your roof replacement in Petrolia is an estimate in writing for the work. It should contain all the costs broken out by item and it is the protection every homeowner craves when engaging in a large project.

At ARS, we have a distinguished record of providing all the details a homeowner needs to make an informed decision when choosing a contractor and we have decades of experience to back it up. Over 60 years, three-generations of family have been climbing the ladder to affect quality work roof replacements that come with a 10-year warranty as a testament to the quality we provide.

If you have never investigated your roofing system to detect damage there are some clues that will tell you need roofing work. Things like missing or damaged shingles exposed decking or problems with the drainage system can all spell trouble. When you have contacted us for a visual inspection, our consultant will recognize problems and create detailed solutions that are easy to understand and write an estimate to based his conclusions.

Once an exterior inspection is complete, our staff member will access you attic to inspect the level of insulation in your attic. It is extremely important for attic to be properly insulated to keep heat in and protect your shingles. An under insulated attic means heat will raise to the shingles and cause them deteriorate rapidly due to exposure. The deterioration will lead to a short life for shingles and the inherent problems that come with damaged singles.

Roof coverings come in substances like composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal sheets to keep the elements out and we carry all of them. We have many brands to choose from in a variety of colours that all have warranties based on the quality of product you choose.

For your personalized home inspection and no cost meeting with our consultant, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Petrolia

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