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Roof Replacement in Mt. Brydges

Many communities in Ontario owe their lives to the steam engine, without trains many of the communities spread across Ontario wouldn’t exist, nor would trade and commerce. Trains linked communities like Mt. Brydges to other large communities that consumed their goods like vegetables from the many farms that dotted the countryside and wood from the resource rich forests that the town was carved out of.

When the ‘pioneers’ of community need a roof replacement in Mt Brydges, they reach out to AM Roofing Solutions for the work that is required. At AM Roofing Solutions, we bring a pioneer spirit to all out work and we aren’t satisfied with the work until our customer is. Our dedicated staff of installers brings a farmer’s work ethic to everything they do and they are the best the community for you roof replacement in Mt. Brydges.

Not many people know what is involved in the roofing trade, and due to a lack of knowledge, they really aren’t sure what the process is to hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in Mt. Brydges.

Certainly, looking in the Yellow Pages is one way to find a contractor or asking a trusted friend might be another – but are sure you are getting the right contractor for your work? A few thoughtful questions will create and avenue of opportunity for you to successfully hire a contractor for your roof replacement in Mt. Brydges and it all starts with a local representative. The contractor you have contacted should have provided a roof replacement in Mt Brydges that can be used a signature piece for references to establish his abilities in the roofing field.

The next two conditions are what separate a professional roofer capable of providing a professional installation for your roof replacement in Mt. Brydges and that of the casual or seasonal roofer. Insurance and municipal registration means that a contractor takes his profession seriously and he is reputable.

Warranties for a roof replacement in Mt. Brydges are important as they protect the homeowner from materials failure and workmanship problems that may come up after the work is concluded. Material warranties come from the manufacturer and are relative to the quality of the material you purchase. The contractor provides the warranty for his work and it should be at least five years long, if not it means you may get a poor roof replacement in Mt. Brydgess.

The last thing to contend with is the written estimate for roof replacement in Mt. Brydges that has all the costs listed and guaranteed by the contractor before the works starts. Without a written estimate you are left to assume any costs that occur during the course of the work and that can create large financial liabilities if you aren’t covered by an estimate.

When our company provides a roof replacement in Mt. Brydges all the previous concerns will be spoken and all the questions that will arise during the consultation phase of the roof assessment will be answered. Also, know that you are protected with a 10-year warranty for workmanship when you choose our company for your roofing work because we believe in what we do and we demonstrate it with a warranty that the industry just can’t provide.

If you are married and you celebrate your Diamond Anniversary, it means 60 years of wedded bliss. When you celebrate your Diamond Anniversary in business it means that for 60 years you have been a force to be reckoned with in your sector. At AM Roofing Solutions, we recently celebrated that milestone and we couldn’t have done it without three generations of family supplying he elbow grease and effort in pursuit of best roofing solutions we can offer.

To the uninitiated, all shingles look alike. But there are clues that will tell you when your shingles are due for replacement. If you see shingles on your lawn or water stains on your house or a leaky eavestrough, your roofing system is telling it is in distress.

One of consultants will spot problems in your roofing system and have comprehensive answers for the problems that are availing themselves on your home. He will detail the problems in an easy to understand way that is backed up by a written estimate to cover the solutions for your roof. Before our service tech departs your home, he will take a look in your attic to inspect the condition of your attic insulation. Having good insulation in your attic is paramount to a healthy roofing system. The insulation protects the shingles from heat radiation through the attic because shingles weren’t created to withstand excessive heat and when they are exposed they wilt quickly.

For replacements, we carry composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles and shakes) and metal solutions to line the top of your house. When can provide a choice for colours and styles too that will align with cost concerns of any homeowner.

When the time comes for roof replacement, call us, at AM Roofing Solutions today, at 1.877.281.6900 for a no cost consultation and free home inspection.

Roof Replacement in Mt. Brydges

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