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Roof Replacement in Lucan

The community of Lucan has a unique place in history as one of, if not the first sanctuary communities for Blacks escaping the tyranny of the mob in the early 1800’s. A group of 200 people emigrated from Ohio to escape persecution and to realize better employment possibilities and re-settled in the area, first in Lucan then in Wilberforce.

The community’s main economic thrust was agriculture and forestry and it has been that way since the early 1800’s. The town is rich in history and maintains many relics of the architectural past that have been restored and inhabited by local residents. When the retrofitted homes of the community need a roof replacement in Lucan, they contact AM Roofing Solutions, to complete all the work. When you contact us for a roof replacement in Lucan be secure in the knowledge that you have chosen a company that prides itself on workmanship and a strong staff to make your roof replacement in Lucan a thing of beauty.

As an advisory, to obtain a quality roof replacement in Lucan there a few things to smooth out before you hire a contractor to perform the work. First, is the contractor you are evaluating for your roof replacement in Lucan local or is he from out of town?

If local, investigate any references he may provide for a roof replacement in Lucan to get a handle on just how the contractor conducts his business. Two items that determine professional contractors from seasonal roofers come in the area of licensing and insurance. If he contractor you are reviewing can provide verification of insurance and licensing then you can check off another box in the vetting phase of contractor elimination.

Any reputable contractor will perform their own work when hired, if the contractor you are interviewing doesn’t, it could go poorly if there is a need to get the contractor back to correct any flaws in the work.

The next question you want to clarify for your roof replacement in Lucan is the warranty situation. Contractors will provide workmanship warranties and manufacturers will provide materials warranties, find out what they are first before you sign anything. Short-term warranties for either item could mean a haphazard job is in your future and that is something you don’t want.

You are about to cross the finish line and the last thing you need to know involves an estimate for the work. The estimate for roof replacement in Lucan should contain all costs associated with a roof replacement in Lucan and they should be spelled out before the work is commenced. That way you are protected from any cost increases due to poor estimations on the contractor’s part.

Our family has been running our company for three generations and our time in the roofing industry has spanned more than 60 years based on simple business practices. Our commitment to quality has no peer and we are one of the few if not the only roofing contractor to offer a 10-year warranty for workmanship for any roof replacement in Lucan.

You’ve made the right choice, now comes the nuts and bolts of the work. One of experts will attend your home to investigate the situation and recommend a means to an end for roof replacement. If you noticed that you have shingles on the ground, water leaks in the attic or a lack of drainage from the eavestrough, they are telltale signs of damage that needs to be addressed. It can’t be stressed enough the role that attic insulation has in a healthy roofing system. Insulation serves two purposes, keep heat in the home and prevent heat leakage that will early degradation to the shingles.

Our staff person can identify the problems and chart a course for correction of the problems and be able to explain in a concise way that will be easy to understand. Once we have completed the inspection and consultation, we will provide a written estimate with all the costs accounted for to create a pay-one-price job for your convenience.

We have many choices for material to cover the top of your house that will fit any cost consideration you may have. We carry composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal roofing coverings to protect your home from the weather.

To protect your home equity with a roof replacement, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for a free investigation and consultation by calling us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Lucan

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