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Roof Replacement in Lambton Shores

Situated on the southern most tip of Lake Huron, Lambton Shores is a community of communities. Back in the early 2000’s, five little towns were amalgamated to form the new municipality that see its’ economic base founded on tourism, forestry and agriculture. Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has provided roof replacement in Lambton Shores that pre-dates amalgamation with a strong commitment to excellence and quality workmanship that exceeds industry standards. A half-century of providing the best materials and installers that the industry has to offer is the one of the keys to the success that we have enjoyed over time. But what sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to provide the best roof replacement in Lambton Shores that is functional and an esthetical accent to our customer’s home.

We have a wealth of experience of in roof replacement in Lambton Shores, we have replaced roofing systems for turn of the century homes, new construction and cottages that positions us capably to handle any roof replacement in Lambton Shores.

A major construction or renovation job to our home’s comes with a high degree of concern due to the unknowns that surround the work and the potential for hidden problems to arise. To successfully choose roofing contractor a plan must be developed and adhered to find the right contractor at the right price with the right materials.

As a starting point, try to locate roofing contractors that are local to your area because it advantageous in couple of ways. First the contractor has a local presence and the second thing to consider is being able to review previous work that the contractor has completed and you can access the homeowner for an opinion or a reference. If the contractor passes the first test, a quick check for insurance would be fortuitous and any reputable contractor will carry valid insurance in case of eventualities. When interviewing potential contractors, try to determine if his crew will replace the roof system or will the work be farmed off to a sub contractor for completion. Ask the contractor what type of warranty he has to offer – most contractors will offer a one to three workmanship warranty – then ask about the materials that will be used and what type of manufacturer’s warranty is available. Once all the details have been ironed out, the contractor should provided a written estimate that will outline the costs for services and materials for a roof replacement in Lambton Shores.

At AM Roofing Solutions, a roof replacement in Lambton Shores will see all the issues addressed to the satisfaction of our customers before the work is commenced and upon completion there will be no surprises.

To kick-start the process, one of our roofing consultants will come to your home to do a visual inspection of your roofing system and the interior of your attic. What are consultant will be looking for are the tell tale signs that the roofing system is damaged or in a state of disrepair that is inadequate to protect your home. Old or damaged shingles that are cracked or curling, missing shingles or granules missing from shingles is a clear indication that the roof is sustaining damage. After the inspection of shingles is complete, our consultant will address the eavestrough and look at the fascia. If the fascia has water damage or the eavestrough leaks, it can create problems around the foundation because the water isn’t being drained away properly. After those two items has been spoken to, an attic inspection is the next area for discovery. What the consultant will be looking for is water damage to the inside rafters and he will look at the insulation. It is extremely import to have satisfactory insulation because it acts a temperature regulator for you roof, if the attic is too hot it can cause your shingles to become distressed due to overheating and premature degradation is the fall out.

The consultant has completed his preliminary examination of the roofing system and will provide the results in an easy to understand way that explains the how’s and why’s for your roof replacement in Lambton Shores.

Combined with the detailed explanation will come a list of options for materials to cover your roof. Asphalt shingles or fiberglass shingles that come in many colours and styles are popular choices for many homeowners that are functional and time-tested. If you want to make your roof ‘pop,’ cedar shingles or cedar shakes are the type of accent that can add value to your property. If those options aren’t the best for your roofing system, a metal roof is an option that is becoming extremely popular due its’ longevity and cost. All our roofing system solutions come with a 10-year workmanship warranty that can’t be matched in the industry.

The best roof replacement in Lambton Shores by AM Roofing Solutions is just a phone call away at 1.877.289.6900 call us today for a no obligation quote.

Roof Replacement in Lambton Shores

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