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Roof Replacement in Kilworth

Many of the communities of certain vintage were battle sites during the War of 1812 and Kilworth was no different. Marauding bands of American soldiers ravaged the lightly-defend countryside often destroying everything in their wake. The Americans happened upon Kilworth during one of their riding missions and a local woman decided to invite the Americans to lunch. At the time, she dispatched her son to release the livestock and alert he neighbours of the interlopers in their midst and after a hearty lunch the Americans set off to engage the enemy where ever they could find them. Little did the American know they were being set up for an ambush in Kilworth and British loyalists slaughtered the Americans when they departed the village.

When the descendants of the historical militia from the War of 1812 need roof replacement in Kilworth, they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to ride to their rescue. Generally, we don’t repel American invaders, but we do go to war when we have a roof replacement in Kilworth that need to be completed and like the villagers who repelled the Americans we gather local residents t provide the work.

Hiring a professional contractor for a roof replacement in Kilworth is lot like an army induction centre; it is screening process to find the best-qualified man for the job. In Kilworth they recruited local men for militia and when you are looking for a contractor think in the same terms. 

You may not ‘draft’ a contractor for you roof replacement in Kilwoth but it helps to locate local companies for evaluation. Local companies provide local roof replacements in Kilworth that can be used during the examination phase of the interview.

To distinguish between the causal or seasonal roofer and the going concern that a professional roofing company is for your roof replacement in Kilworth a simple test will illuminate the discussion. Any reputable company will hold licensing and insurance and the seasonal roofer, probably not.

Another element that can be the dividing line between hiring a contractor and continuing the search is the difference between crew choices. If the contractor you are meeting with uses a sub contracting crew it says that he isn’t all that involved with the actual work and that could be a problem should you need the contractor to return to correct any errors in the work provided.

Warranties are important for roof replacement in Kilworth and you should receive two different warranties from the contractor. One comes via the supplier for the materials that were used at your home and the other should come the contractor for the work his crew performs. The materials warranty should be for a minimum of five years, as should the workmanship warranty for your roof replacement in Kilworth. If not, the materials and the contractor could substandard and cost more money in the long run for a quality roof replacement in Kilworth.

To seal the deal, a written estimate supplied the contractor will be what spells out the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The costs that the homeowner is responsible for should be defined in no uncertain terms and the price should be solid as the day is long.

Our company has been supplying all the supplementary information required to create a successful roof replacement and we have many years experience protecting our customers with our professional workmanship and a 10-year warranty for labour. For the last 60 years, our company has been a leader in the roofing industry and we have had three generations of family supplying the labour and expertise to create the conditions for our success.

Problems on a roofing system can be difficult to ascertain if you don’t know what you are looking for, but some signs might give you an indication that trouble is on the horizon. Shingles that have gone missing or are damaged is the start of it, water leaks in the attic or at the side of your house are trouble and if the eavestrough isn’t attached to the side of the house is another clue as to the condition of your roofing system. Our field service tech can identify the problems and locate the source of the conditions that are creating the problems and provide a diagnosis complete with solutions in a written estimate.

Problems addressed, solutions created, now time to decide on what type of covering you would like for the top of your house. In our inventory we carry composite materials asphalt shingles, cedar (shakes and shingles) and metal coverings for your consideration.

For a no cost meeting that will provide a free estimate call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Kilworth

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