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Roof Replacement in Kerwood

Kerwood is one of the many communities that sprouted up on the rail line between London and Sarnia in the mid-1850’s and has stood as a small community that has a balance of agriculture and industry to sustain its’ small population base. Located in southwestern Ontario, Kerwood has a couple of large conservation areas within a short driving distance offering residents and visitors a chance to commune with nature in fair weather. 

When the naturalists in the community need a roof replacement in Kerwood, AM Roofing Solutions, is the first choice to tackle the work. Our reputation for quality workmanship for a roof replacement in Kerwood is well known and we use the best roofing specialists the community has when we provide a roof replacement in Kerwood.

To make the most of your roof replacement in Kerwood it is important to hire a seasoned professional contractor for the work. The caveat is locating someone who has the expertise for a roof replacement in Kerwood and by what measurement do you judge the potential candidate.

A few simple inquiries will help clear the air and give you the opportunity to make an informed choice for a potential contractor for your roof replacement in Kerwood and it all starts locally.

Find contractors who are centrally located to Kerwood so their previous work can be judged on the merit and with a little help from previous customers a reference may be obtained too. Once a local presence has been established, reputable contractors will be hold municipal accreditation and insurance for a roof replacement in Kerwood and that should be non-negotiable.

There are many different types of roofing contractors around and when you are shopping for one for your roof replacement in Kerwood you want to use someone who uses his own crew to provide the work. A sub contractor can provide the work, but in general a sub contracting crew comes together for a job here or there and aren’t as dependable as contractor with a regular crew.

When you’re discussing your roof replacement in Kerwood with a contractor ask about any warranty provisions he may provide and what you can expect in the way of warranty for materials to be used on the roofing job. The contractor should be able to guarantee his workmanship for at least five years and shingle warranties start at the 10-year mark, so anything less could lead to a less than satisfactory work.

At this point the only thing left to reveal is the price and it should come in the form of a written estimate that will lock in the price. If the contractor asks you to sign anything other than a written estimate at the time of the evaluation, it may not be a good idea as it is that uncertainty that could sink your roof replacement.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have a great of deal of experience providing documented support for all of our activities in relation to roofing and our 10-year workmanship warranty says it that needs to be said when you are concerned about quality workmanship. After 60 years in and three generations of family service to the roofing industry, we are unsurpassed by the competition for quality of work and materials.

If you don’t know what a damaged shingle looks like, climb up on a ladder and take a look at your roof. If you see cracked, curled or missing shingles you are recognizing a problem. Other indications that your roofing system is in trouble are leaks in the attic or water stains on your house or a plugged or leaking eavestrough.

When one of service technicians visits your home, he will instinctively identify the problems and have answers for the questions that will inevitably be raised. He will convey the solutions in a concise, easy to understand way that will be backed up by a written estimate that cover all the costs of the work and materials.

The last thing our service tech will do before he leaves your property is take a quick look at your attic insulation. Insulation keeps heating costs under control and it acts as blanket of protection for your shingles. A shingle’s effectiveness can be greatly reduced when exposed to heat and it will degrade rapidly if not protected by a layer of insulation in the attic.

The last detail to sort out for roof replacement is the choice of roof covering you would like on your home. Roofing materials are available in different styles and colours that are made from a variety of substances. At AM Roofing Solutions, our product inventory ranges from composite to asphalt to cedar – shakes/shingles – and a metal liner that is as cost effective as any material on the market.

To get you roof up to standard call us today at AM Roofing Solutions to book appointment for your free inspection and evaluation at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Kerwood

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