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Roof Replacement in Ingersoll

Some might call the town of Ingersoll the ‘Big Cheese.’ The community is home to world-renown cheese makers, who’s cheese making exploits have garnered them international acclaim. The cheese making process was brought to Ingersoll by immigrant settlers in the early 1800’s, and cheese’s popularity took off. When the experts in cheese making need a roof replacement in Ingersoll they go with the experts in the roofing industry, AM Roofing Solutions.

Like the cheddar kings of Ingersoll, we have a long and storied history of providing roof replacement systems – 50 years and still going strong – by remaining true to our values. We use the best local people who are trained and certified roofing technicians with many years experience and our quality in workmanship is what defines us as a roofing contractor. We have worked on many types of homes over the years, turn of century Victorian styles homes through to bungalows and back splits, we can provide the highest quality roof replacement in Ingersoll based on a solid track record of previous work tendered.

When the condition of roof dictates that you need a roof replacement in Ingersoll, a thorough vetting of potential roofing contractors is a must before you make a decision that could cost thousands of dollars. Staying within the community or municipality is the first step to securing a roofing contractor to provide a roof replacement in Ingersoll. A local roofing contractor does local work that can be examined and reviewed for quality and workmanship. Also, a reference from a previous customer or two is a definite advantage for shoppers seeking a roof replacement in Ingersoll. Many contractors carry some type of insurance and are locally licensed, roofing contractors are no different and they should be able to provide their credentials at a customer’s request. Like us, many local roofing contractors use their own crews to install roofing systems, but you want to clarify this point with potential contractors in case there are repairs to be made after the roofing system installation is complete.

Warranties are common across the roofing industry, materials come with manufacturer’s warranty and generally a roofing contractor will provide a one-to-three year workmanship warranty to cover any problems that should arise, but be sure to ask in advance. We have a 10-year workmanship warranty to cover every roof replacement in Ingersoll that sets the warranty standard for roofing system replacements.

If you choose a contractor for a roof replacement in Ingersoll, make sure that a written estimate is provided at the time the deal is consummated. It will detail all costs and spell out all the rights and obligations of both parties prior to the roof replacement in Ingersoll.

There are many signs that a roof replacement is required, to the untrained the signs might not be prevalent but there are some symptoms that you can be cognizant of that will act as sign posts on the road to a roof replacement in Ingersoll. If you inspect your roofing system, a look at the shingles will provide a dearth of information. Granules that are lifting from the shingles means the shingles are at the end of the life span they were designed for, cracked, missing, or lifting shingles are a hazardous situation for underlay and decking due to exposure to the elements. Check the rafters in the attic for watermarks as well as the fascia around the roof – if stains appear the roof is no longer watertight. If water stains appear around the diameter of the home the rain gutters and downspouts are compromised and no longer effective.

Your attic insulation acts as the first line of defense for your roofing system and it is an absolute necessity to have adequate insulation lining your attic’s roof. It acts as protective barrier against heat build up that erodes the shingles integrity to maintain a watertight seal through shrinkage and cracking.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have consultants who are roofing system experts and they will look at all the issues and prescribe solutions and options for a roof replacement in Ingersoll with a no obligation, free estimate.

We use only the best shingles in the industry, from Owens Corning, that come in many colours and contemporary styles in an asphalt or fiberglass base. Metals roofs, whether sheets or tiles are available for the cost conscious and for the natural style home we have cedar shingles and shakes for the rustic look.

Make the right decision and contact AM Roofing Solutions today for a roof replacement in Ingersoll at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Replacement in Ingersoll

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