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Roof Replacement in Glencoe

The areas surrounding the community of Glencoe is rich in history dating to the War of 1812 when the Americans and the British had at it, and in the end the British triumphed with the help of Native fighters lead by Tecumseh, who was felled in battle in 1813. These events forged the union of Natives and White colonialists and created peaceful trade and commerce between the two groups that still exists today.

When a home in the community – new and no so new – requires a roof replacement in Glencoe they contact our company AM Roofing Solutions.

We provide excellent workmanship for all our work and when you have a roof replacement in Glencoe, we use local installers who have a great deal of expertise and experience to apply your new roofing system.

Choosing a roofing contractor for your roof replacement in Glencoe is no different than finding a doctor or a dentist to treat you ills – you need to ask a few questions to determine if they are right for you. Some details to consider when you hire a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Glencoe come to light as a sign posts along the road. Follow the light and your roof replacement in Glencoe will be painless, ignore the signals and will result in a poor effort. A local contractor for you roof replacement in Glencoe is a good start because you can do some research into the previous work of the contractor to find out if his work meets industry standards.

On the administrative side, a contractor will carry insurance and licensing to demonstrate his legitimacy to install a roof replacement in Glencoe and most if not all contractors are happy to provide verification of both items upon request.

You can ask about the contractor’s staffing complement – meaning, does he maintain a regular crew to provide a roof replacement in Glencoe or does he hire out to a sub contracting crew?

This is an important factor when choosing a contractor because there are times when you need the contractor to come back to make an alteration and if it is a sub contracting crew that may be unlikely. Manufacturer’s warranties and contractor warranties play a role in a roof replacement in Glencoe and should be at least five years for labour and 10 years for materials, anything less is not worth the investment.

To finalize your roof replacement in Glencoe a written estimate is the final piece to the puzzle. The estimate should contain an itemized list of expenses that correspond to the job and once it is signed, it holds the price for the work no questions asked. For many years, we at AM Roofing Solutions have been satisfying the queries of potential customers and provided all the information they need to make an informed decision when choosing a contractor for a roof replacement.

Over six decades of work in the roofing industry that was propelled by three generations of family taking on the responsibility for the work – we have dominated our sector and established benchmarks that other roofing companies now copy. One of the most important standards we gave to our industry was a 10-year warranty as a statement to our customers that our was of the highest quality, and our competitors now offer a similar plan too.

As a homeowner, you are required to keep up with maintenance and keep a sharp eye on your home to detect flaws or problems before they become massive undertakings to repair. To identify roofing problems, a closer look is always the best way to get an indication if any problems exist. When you look at your shingles, they should be flat and cover the area they were nailed to. If they are cracked, or gone, an eavestrough that is isn’t flush against the house or watermarks in the attic, you should realize problems exist. Our consultant, with a keen eye for detail, will spot problems quickly and have solutions readily available after his inspection. He will relay the problems the corrections and provide a written estimate that the work entail with costs included for your review.

Before our consultant departs your home, he will review your attic insulation density to find out if you have enough insulation. Insulation is very important to the roofing system as it maintains a level of heat regulation for the shingles. If too much heat is allowed to travel through the house to the shingles it will create damage to the shingles and that in turn will affect the entire roofing system.

Once the commitment has been made to convert your problem roofing system to a new roofing system, you will need new shingles to top off the job. We carry composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal-style covering for your roof with a variety of colours and styles available in our inventory for you to choose from.

To meet with one of consultants for a review of your roofing system, call us today at 1.877.281.6900 for a free inspection and no cost estimate.  

Roof Replacement in Glencoe

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