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Roof Replacement in Fingal

Located on the north shore of Lake Erie, Fingal was home to an air force base during WWII that trained Royal Canadian Air Force personnel to fly in aid of the war effort. Now the base has been converted to wildlife and conservation area and the grounds are home to many different plants, animals and birds.

When the patriotic sons and daughters of Confederation need a roof replacement in Fingal, they know AM Roofing Solutions will stand on guard for them. Using the best products and the best installers has provided our business with all the tools we need to provide a successful roof replacement Fingal that will last for many years. When you need a roof replacement in Fingal, you need to taxi down the runway of information before you can successfully take off for your roof replacement in Fingal.

The information runway has a few stops for a pilot to navigate through and the first stop for roof replacement in Fingal is in you own community. A contractor who has a local reputation and office is the start – you want to see any past work and vet it for quality before you hire a contractor for a roof replacement in Fingal.

Next on the flight path for a roof replacement in Fingal is business licensing and insurance for your flight for a roof replacement in Fingal. Any roofer worth his shingles will hold both items and will demonstrate current validation if asked to do so.

A roofing crew, like a flight crew can be the difference between a successful flight, or roof replacement in Fingal and it is important to have full-time members of either crew to get the best results. Third-party roof replacements in Fingal have been known to have problems and you don’t want to be chasing after people you have never encountered to come back and fix sub-standard work.

Anymore, all products and services come with some type of warranty to protect the consumer should something go wrong and the roofing industry has two warranties that hold validity for a roof replacement. The first warranty is for the supplies used on the roof – always supplied by the manufacturer – and the second warranty is a labour guarantee from the roofing company. Both warranties should extend at least five years from date of installation and if not, you may want to consult another contractor.

To finalize any arrangements for roofing work, a written estimate is the last piece of documentation that is supplied by the contractor. It will hold all the costs as estimated and protect the homeowner from any nefarious charges after the fact.

After to talking with one of our representatives, a homeowner will know that they have made the right choice when they contacted us at ARS, we fulfill all the requirements necessary for a successful roof replacement and we stand behind our work. We back that statement up with a 10-year warranty that has been part of our services since the inception of AM Roofing Solutions 60 years ago. Over the past six decades our family – three generations in – have been the energy, drive and determination to provide excellent quality roof replacements for all our customers past and present.

Before you know you have a roofing problem, you need to be able to identify the problems that are prevalent on roof and not always is it easy to discern the problems. Certainly, when we see missing shingles we instinctively know something is wrong, but how often do you get up on a ladder to look at the shingles closely?

A call to us gets a service tech out for an inspection and his trained eye will spot problems that are afflicting your roofing system. He will tell you what the trouble is, how to fix and what the costs will be, all tied up in a written estimate. The last thing our tech will do is look at the attic insulation to check whether the insulation is working as it created to do. Insulation keeps heat in the house and away from the shingles as a form of protection. When heat leaks to the shingles over a period of time it will cause the shingles to dry and crack reducing their effectiveness for channeling water to the drain spout.

Everything is ready for your roof replacement, now the choice for shingles becomes relevant to completing the work. Our inventory consists of composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal roof coverings for your home and we can meet any pocketbook requirements with our coverings.

For a no cost consultation and free home inspection, contract AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Fingal

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